Monday, April 05, 2021

Album Review: 04 Christmas In America With Pat Benatar

 Album Review: 04
Christmas Time in America With Pat Benatar

This review was originally posted on rateyourmusic. on their community forums. This version of the review has had some editing and corrections.

Pat Benater Christmas In America/Please Come Home For Christmas
2001 Gold Circle Records GC58804-2

“Coz It's Christmas in America
Let the angels sing
It's Christmas in America
Let freedom ring
Let peace resound throughout the world
Especially on this day
It's Christmas in America
God bless the USA”

This song was written as a heart-felt reaction to the tragic events of Setember 11, 2001.

I got this CD single at a time when it was only available via the official Pat Benatar website. In 2003 The Title song Christmas In America was included as a bonus track on the album Go. It is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever.


Jon said...

I had no idea that she was still making music post-2000?

Fuji said...

I love me some Pat Benatar, but I'm kinda trapped in my childhood... because I pretty much just listen to her 80's stuff. Never even knew she performed Christmas songs.