Book Reviews

List O' Books I've Reviewed Here (and elsewhere)
23 Minutes in Hell - Bill Wiese
90 Minutes in Heaven - Don Piper
Angels & Demons - Dan Brown
Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: Volume One: General and Historical Objections - Michael L. Brown
Astronauts Must Not Land, The - John Brunner (2in1 w/The Space-Time Juggler)
Betrayed! - Stan Telchin
Charisma - Michael Coney
Cruel Shoes - Steve Martin
Da Vinci Code, The - Dan Brown
Death Drop - Sean Allen
Doctor Who: Illegal Alien - Mike Tucker and Robert Perry
Doctor Who: Reckless Engineering - Nick Walters
G.O.D. Experiments, The: How Science is Discovering God in Everything, Including Us - Gary E. Schwartz W/ William L. Simon
Grant Speaks - Ev Ehrlich
Misquoting Jesus - Bart D. Ehrman
Mop Men: Inside the World of Crime Scene Cleaners - Alan Emmins
Satanic Bible, The - Anton Szandor LaVey
Space-Time Juggler, The - John Brunner (2in1 w/The Astronauts Must Not Land)
The Year The Yankees Lost The Pennant - Douglas Wallop
What if the Bible Had Never Been Written? - D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe

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