Weird Words

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(And Word Verification Words)

From time to time I see these weird words or groups of letters used for a word verification thing. There have been quite a few that I have missed but here is my list of the words I have posted on this blog and a link to my original post for it:

Verification Words 
I added fun meanings to these non-existent words like The Washington Post write-in contests they have from time to time where you have to make up a word. Usually for those words they make it challenging by changing one letter of an existing word and you come up with a wacky definition of your new word.

adysick - No link yet
countiat -Word Verification Fun 002
ctTajo - No link yet
dodgent - Google Yahoo Word: Dodgent
eenExts - No link yet
Flumo - A quick humorous thought - Flumo Wrestling
oreouhot - No link yet
repturl - Another Wacky Yahoo Word: Repturl

Some of my own original words:
Sometimes a strange word just suddenly comes to me and sometimes I misspell or mispronounce a word and end up discovering a new word or phrase.

Knonkerz - See Nonkerz.
Nonkerz - A made up word. Once while frustrated at something instead of saying "This is driving me bonkers" (Or "Nuts") I mispronounced the word bonkers as "Nonkers".
Tobbably - A word I made up. The sum of Totally+Probably or Totally+Probable or Total+Probability depending on the tense used.
Wacky Potacky - An original word/phrase I made up  I'll Title This Later... Maybe

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