Friday, June 24, 2022

Changes at Goodreads


Over at Goodreads they have decided to make some changes including getting rid of the "creative writing" section/ ability. A few years back when I used it frequently, well some-what frequently this would have annoyed me. Also if I had forgotten they were going to do it and didn't save any of my work in that section I would have been ticked. However I don't use it that often and all the writing I had over there I saved onto the cloud in my private Google Docs.

For lack of anything else here is a sample of one of the only 9 writings I had over at Goodreads. It was mostly gibberish and nonsense and a Stream of Consciousness exercise: 

I Say What?
OK it’s been a while since I've done any kind of writing here. I guess this will be more of a journal type thing than a regular attempt at something to be read. 

As I enter the stream, the stream of consciousness I attempt to write whatever pops into my mind. I will try not to edit it as it comes to me. Except to attempt to correct spelling errors when prompted that an error was made

So here we go again and again and again to write each and every word that comes to mind as it comes without thinking of how it sounds or if it makes any sense whatsoever. and we begin the begin benign. ACK that took some thinking of how to spell it, and the eventual having to use Google to spell it correctly. There is a sign of the times using a search engine, actually the website that is a search engine to find the proper spelling of a word rather than looking it up elsewhere. Well right now I don't have a dictionary handy so OK Google it is for spell checking. Blah, blah blah de blah blah. BLAH! So there!

Sigh heavy breath release. Back to the matter at hand or rather at mind. Getting a few distractions not sure if I can continue this exercise. Yeah No guess that is it for now. Big disappointment. Barely got anywhere. Heavy Sigh. 

Originally Drafted/ Updated 02 Aug 2019

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Some Stuff This That The Other Maybe

 As usual I'm not sure what this post will be about yet. Might just be a mishmash of stuff.

I did have an Ebay sale. A football relic card one of those "Rookie Letterman" cards of an autographed manufactured letter "A". I originally had it listed for much more but had lowered the price a few times. It was at $7 I got a couple of watchers on it and sent out an offer of I think 25% so around $5. The buyer counter offered with $3 and I accepted the counter-offer, so that is the price it sold at plus $4 shipping. It sold on Tue 3 May and was shipped out Wed 4 May (I had the day off for a doctor's appointment). An odd message exchange occurred long story short apparently the buyer had a problem with another seller that was being extremely rude, but they messaged and went off on me instead. They apologized for the mishap. After the card was marked as being delivered on Saturday 7 May I got a positive "Perfect" feedback from the buyer.

I've been on Ebay a long time and for the most part I like it but there are some decisions they have made over the years I don't agree with or don't like. I haven't liked any of their TV commercials much. For the most part because in their ads they give a false impression that everything is brand new and that all the sellers are professional. Anyway moving on.

I don't do music streaming. I will occasionally listen to music on YouTube and watch the accompanying video images if they have any, but I don't stream via sites like Spotify. Apparently I had signed up for Spotify via my Facebook account and was charged $10 for their premium service on one of my credit cards. Well I put a stop to that by asking for my forgotten password to create a new password and then close the account. So maybe I'll get charged again next month if any time passed from the billing date to my cancelling the account. I don't know if I fat fingered something on my Droid, or my tablet when it was functional. At any rate any signing up was not intentional.

That seems to be it for now at least for what I want to disclose at this time.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Nantucket Nectars: Bottle Cap Facts

So what is "under the hood"?

The subject of this post is a bit odd but I'm not the first to ponder it. A not so quick Google search landed me with just about all the dang links in this post. OK so let me start at a sort of beginning...

A few years ago, I forget exactly when, after discovering this trivia topping thing I started to collect a little bit. To clarify a little of this vagueness. I acquired a liking to the various fruit juice flavors from the Nantucket Nectars Brand. The company prints facts about the island of Nantucket (and people although I don't recall seeing any about people) on the inside of the bottle caps. This practice of printing facts on the inside of bottle caps seems to first been done by Snapple. At least they claim that, the practice might go back farther. Well now as in currently the mother company that owns/runs Snapple owns/runs Nantucket Nectars. According to the online sources I found there have been over 750 different Nantucket facts printed with 100 some being produced in any one year. In doing some poking around I found this "Put a lid on it" article which is interesting.

When I was first trying to figure out how many different ones there were I discovered this 101 Things Blog from a 2011 post which updated her 2010 post on the subject. Back then she seems to have 70 some caps. I found an archived list that someone else came up with that has 257 caps on their blog from sometime earlier. That is the largest list I have seen from the semi-quick research Googling I did for this post.

Back those few years ago I was going to try to collect them all before I discovered there were over 100 per year made at any one time and a grand total of 750 or more. I don't know why I have kept the ones I do have, other than to write up a post about the phenomenon of it. I wonder if I can sell the collection on Ebay? Or find out if the 101 Things Blogger Amy still collects them. Maybe I have some she doesn't.

More recently I noticed they now use plastic recyclable bottles with plastic caps. They still print local facts about Nantucket under the plastic caps. The caps are dark purple and the facts are printed in white or light gray which makes it difficult to read the facts now.

 This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for ages and ages. When I first began the draft for this post the company was still using glass bottles with metal caps. I don't know when they made the switch from glass to plastic. The switch to plastic bottles takes some of the fun out of getting the juices. I tried adjusting the plastic images to read the inside sayings better but I'm not an expert at photo editing. Sorry those don't look right.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

March Madness Or March Mindless?


This month of March was one for the books. I don't have a proper subject to rant about or to discuss as it has been a Family Thing month. 'Nuff Said. 

Not sure what I'll blog about on my cards blogs. Well I do know what I'll blog about over at Curly W Cards, but not at the other one just yet.

Till Next Month.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Name Game: Why Haven't I Seen This One?


It has been quite a while since I had one of these. The last time or two I thought I had seen every possible way my name could be perverted or messed up. Well a few months back in October Me my sibs and my blood nephew were having a Family VaCay in Virginia Beach, VA off season. One day for late lunch almost dinner we stopped at Starbucks. Now I'm not a coffee guy so I rarely get anything coffee I don't like it straight I need it either Mocha style with enough cocoa to drown out the coffee bean "burned water" flavor that I hate coffee for (just as smoking is like sucking ash) or have some caramel in the mix. So anyway they had some kind of Apple Cider/ Apple Crisp type flavor. I think it was a limited time flavor. It was pretty good. I think I'll stick to Mocha style though. The hint of apple seemed a bit off.

Anyway the purpose of this post is that a variation of my name was used, as you can see from the scan of the sticker that was on the cup. "KERT". Now at times I could have sworn that I had maybe seen this variant but usually it is the "CERT" or "CURT" or maybe even "KURT" that I have seen. OK Whatever.

Friday, January 14, 2022

State Of The Blog: 2021 Recap

2021 Edition

This year my "State O' The Blog" year in review post is a few days and about a week late. Because I really a lazy SOB. OK So for the 2021 blogging tally OH MY I  MADE THE QUOTA! Thanks to doing a huge bunch of Album Reviews that I had originally posted on Rate Your Music on a weekly basis. Yes that brings up the yearly average and makes me happier.

Here are the monthlies from 2021:

January: 2
February: 1
March: 5
April: 5
May: 6
June: 4
July: 4
August: 2
September: 1
October: 1
November: 1
December: 1

Monthly Average: 2.75

This breaks the 6 year losing streak. 

Now lets look at how the 2021 blogging matches up with past years:

2006 - 32
2007 - 43
2008 - 36
2009 - 34
2010 - 18
2011 - 20
2012 - 38
2013 - 93
2014 - 57
2015 - 24
2016 - 29
2017 - 16
2018 - 18
2019 - 12
2020 - 17
2021 - 33
Yearly Average: 43.33

What a relief. 

As for my trading card blogs (CaptKirk42's Trading Card Blog and Curly W Cards) both of them I only did the bare 1 post per month minimum so they both only have 12 posts for the year 2021 just like for 2020. For those my only posting goal is to make at least the bare minimum of 1 post per month, 12 posts per year.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year: Welcome 2022 Goodbye 2021


2021 was another COVID-19 Pandemic year. This has gotten beyond annoying and some of the powers that be seem to want to keep everything shut down and keeping the world in a mess. 'Nuff said about that I don't like being political.

Soon I will make my annual "State of the Blog" post to publish sometime early January. As far as my posting for 2021 went it was a bit more than just the bare minimum one post per month of most years. This was because of my catching up on my posted album reviews that I cranked out one a week to get them done. However I don't think my post quota goal was met. OH Well.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Pop-Tarts Another Taste Test: Frosted Crisp Apple

 OK so here I am, well was a few months back, with another taste test of what I hope will be a restoration of childhood nostalgia. Once again I saw a different Apple of Pop-Tart on the grocery store shelves. This time it was FROSTED CRISP APPLE. Yum!

Now if you have read all my posts on this blog you might remember I have done a couple of Pop-Tart taste posts. One was for another apple flavor "Frosted Orchard Apple Cinnamon" and the other was of all things Fruit Loops. Back to this "Crisp Apple". On the surface it looks like another Kellogg's attempt to bring back the favorite "Frosted Dutch Apple". Right? Wrong. Well sort of. I don't know if they intentionally keep introducing apple flavors that are similar to the original Dutch Apple flavor or not.

As with many other Pop-Tart flavors this one is a bit dry due to the pastry part. The filling part was so-so unheated, but slightly edible when heated up (toasted). OH well.

I have come to the conclusion that due to the recipe changes of the pastry over the years, and the use of  dryer chemical sugar substitutes particularly in the frostings, they will never revive my old favorite flavor FROSTED DUTCH APPLE.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Ebay Reselling Update: September 2021

EBAY Reselling Update:
September 2021 Sales

My last Sales update April 2021 I had 1 sale and 39 listings in the store. 

So What Sold in Sep 2021?
  1. The Heechee Saga: Heechee Rendezvous Bk. 3 by Frederik Pohl (1985, Paperback) $4.95 Plus $4 shipping
Total: $4.95

I sold just 1 item, been months since I've added new listings so no sales for a long time. I keep "thinking" of listing, wanting and plan to list but haven't done so. Anyway this book was bought by someone in Canada and with the prices of USPS first class shipping to Canada I lost a ton on this. In the faith of openness it cost me $21.25 to ship USPS First Class to Ontario Canada. I will no longer ship to Canada the only non US country I was shipping to. Now I will Only ship to US and US Territories that are part of the USPS system. 

After this shipping to Canada fiasco I went to edit an older listing I had and accidentally clicked "end listing". I immediately noticed and then had to go to my "ended" listings section and relist that older ancient listing. It's all good now.

I now have 38 store listings at a count of 48 units.

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Ranting and Blogging Or Just Ranting?


The original title for this post was: "Stop Blogging Time...  Can't Post This" OK OK so that post title could be a little misleading. I am NOT going to stop blogging and I don't plan on this post having material or ideas that can not be posted online. At this moment I am unsure of what this post will truly be about. I had a passing thought of the M.C. Hammer "Can't Touch This" song but changing the words to "Stop! Blogging Time" then thought of the "Can't Post This". Long story even longer, I once again thought about what can I post about this month. I also wondered why do I blog anymore? Mostly because in some ways I still like doing it. My blogging has never attracted a huge gathering mostly because I have never been one of those posting monster bloggers that crank out a minimum of 1 post per day. Some bloggers post close to half a dozen posts per day almost every day. Yikes. I  have always tried to have quality over quantity. I don't do enough blogging to have my blog monetized, and I don't have a consistent subject I blog about that I could spam advertise on my blog. I also don't always go with the crowd or the flow. For this regular personal blog sometimes it is very difficult to come up with a subject to blog about. I don't like to post too much personal info, yet sometimes I do seek a little bit of attention. 

Blogging just for yourself is a bit odd. When you think about it if that is why you are "blogging" you should just keep a diary on you computer without posting it online. That or do the traditional diary writing with pen or pencil on plain paper or in a diary type book.

Then there are times when I seriously think about giving up blogging completely all of my blogs. It would save me the hassle of having to come up with something to post every 30 days.

Well I guess this post will go nowhere. There isn't anything spectacular happening that I want to yack about.

Oh and to the 2 or 3 people who do read this blog as well as my two trading card blogs a big THANK YOU.