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I will try to keep a fairly updated list of DVDs I have reviewed here on my blog, and possibly elsewhere. Years ago I used to review DVDs for/with a friend back in the early days of blogs when Geocities was the thing. Maybe I will track down some of those old reviews repost them and add them to this list. I also used to add a few to a personal website I had (but lost it due to not being able to renew the site registration. It is now some Japanese run spam site.) I may have to re-review some discs. Some of my older reviews are very short and just basically say; "I liked it". Also some of those I reviewed and watched so long ago my opinions on them might have changed.

To save a little space on this list TV series reviews I will only list the show title not individual seasons/sets.

Baseball Returns: 2005 Washington Nationals Inaugural Season 
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Harry Chapin: Rockpalast Live
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Warehouse 13:
  • Season One
  • Season Two
  • Season Three
  • Season Four
  • Season Five
  • Webisodes

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