Monday, February 22, 2021

To Blog Or Not To Blog? Is That Really The Question?


I have probably said this before and sound like a broken record. Kids ask your grandparents about that concept of a "broken record". Sometimes I go through this sort of depression mode where I think about throwing in the towel on the blogging concept. Just as some years back I exited the personal website arena. Sometimes those "I want to quit the blogging thing" feelings are STRONG in this one, sometimes they are just fleeting moments. For me it would mean stopping 3 blogs. 

Technically at one time I had 4 blogs. My 4th blog is at Trading Card Central Forums. Hmm I haven't updated that one since 03 Jan 2019. I used to use it as a Mail Day posting blog. Like a lot of my projects I let it slide from time to time and had to work like the Dickens to get caught up. It got to the point where it was more of a chore than a fun activity. That combined with the landslide of incoming cards vs any attempts at organizing anything and well yeah welcome to this week's episode of "Hoarders: Buried Alive". It is sad really because I was for a long time the most consistent and prolific bloggers on the forum. Now the most recent blog post over there is from someone on 20 Nov 2019, then my post on 03 Jan and the next most recent one someone posted on 09 Nov 2017. Over the years TCC has had long periods of being off-line, years ago it was website registration renewal issues (that is a long story that I don't have all the details about but has been discussed there at length) and who knows what else. At one time I started backing up my posts there I only got as far as the first year or two worth of posts. It was a nice detail of what I had acquired over the years when I did keep good track of things. Which was why at one time I wanted to have an offline copy of things. Like many of my other projects I fell behind on it and got too far backed up and gave up.

Anyway I'm not sure anymore. I think there is more of me that wants to continue with my blogging than there is that part that wants to quit. Some months I deal with this because of my self-appointed post blogging of a minimum of 1 post per month per blog. That can be very taxing at the end of each month. UGH I just reminded myself that it was February the shortest dang month of the year and it is half-way through already. I have this post for this regular blog, but NO IDEAS about what I'll grab for my trading card blogs. Big Sigh.

This blog kind of gets revived from time to time since I started blogging my Ebay Sales stuff. I probably shouldn't for financial security purposes. How different is it than those Ebay sellers that have YouTube Channels about their Ebay sales?

Thinking of Ebay selling sometimes make me think about all my various collecting habits, and that sometimes leads to what collections I might consider condensing or just plain getting rid of completely. More and more as I get older and older I think of the possibility of "just sell the whole damn thing". Some of my collections are more sentimental than anything else those are the ones that are harder to abandon.


Fuji said...

I've been going back and forth about taking a break from blogging... and even collecting. It's the closest I've come to pulling the plug since my mom passed away two years ago. There are days when blogging feels like a second job and that's the last thing I need. The good news is most of the time, it's a way to take my mind off of things. Anyways... it is what it is. I'm taking it day by day. Whatever you decide to do... it'll be the best thing for you. Well... that's my way of viewing it. Best of luck in whatever you decide.

Jon said...

I think a lot of people are sharing these same thoughts right now. It's especially hard not to think about selling when one realizes that a lot of cards will never be as high as they are right now again.