Monday, March 01, 2021

Ebay Reselling Update: February 2021 Sales

EBAY Reselling Update:
February 2021 Sales

Lets see in my last Sales update (Dec 2020) I had 5 sales and 43 listings in the store. I had no sales in January of this year 2021.

So What Sold in Feb 2021?
  1. 2006 Contenders Devin Hester Rookie Ticket Auto 165 Bears $62.00 plus shipping
  2. Number 10 Envelopes Blue 25 count pack $4.99 Free Shipping
Total: $66.99

Item number 1 was originally listed at $70.49 I got a message from a buyer asking if I would consider an offer of $62.00 (11% off) after mulling it over for a few hours into the next day I accepted the offer. First there were some exchanged messages then I had to add the "accept best offer" option to the listing and the buyer officially made the offer. It is my first sale for the calendar year 2021 and also my first Ebay sale under managed payments. Took 2 days for the funds to be in my bank account (I think that was how long it took could have been 3 days) Additional info at $62 it is the biggest sale I have made so far. Item number 2 was listed with free shipping to try to get the things to sell quicker, doesn't really help.

I now have 41 store listings at a count of 51 units.

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Fuji said...

Congratulations on the sale of your Hester! I've started messing around with eBay (and Craigslist too). Gotta move some duplicates and take advantage of this crazy market.

Jon said...

You know that things are crazy when a Devin Hester auto fetches that much. Good on you for cashing in on it though!