Monday, October 11, 2021

Ebay Reselling Update: September 2021

EBAY Reselling Update:
September 2021 Sales

My last Sales update April 2021 I had 1 sale and 39 listings in the store. 

So What Sold in Sep 2021?
  1. The Heechee Saga: Heechee Rendezvous Bk. 3 by Frederik Pohl (1985, Paperback) $4.95 Plus $4 shipping
Total: $4.95

I sold just 1 item, been months since I've added new listings so no sales for a long time. I keep "thinking" of listing, wanting and plan to list but haven't done so. Anyway this book was bought by someone in Canada and with the prices of USPS first class shipping to Canada I lost a ton on this. In the faith of openness it cost me $21.25 to ship USPS First Class to Ontario Canada. I will no longer ship to Canada the only non US country I was shipping to. Now I will Only ship to US and US Territories that are part of the USPS system. 

After this shipping to Canada fiasco I went to edit an older listing I had and accidentally clicked "end listing". I immediately noticed and then had to go to my "ended" listings section and relist that older ancient listing. It's all good now.

I now have 38 store listings at a count of 48 units.

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