Monday, February 27, 2006

Doctor Whooooo, Hey The TARDIS! Doctor Whooooo whoo whoo.

Oh Yeah, I saw a series teaser that verifies some rumors that might have been floating around. Now I'm Psyched! The new revitialized BBC series Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston as the doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler is definately coming to the Sci Fi Channel (Doctor Who on Sci-Fi). I've heard mixed reports about this incarnation number 8? 9? of the self titled "Doctor" who travels through time and space in a mid twentieth-century English Police Telephone Call Box (Big Blue wooden Police Phone Booth to us Americans) which he calls TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimentions In Space). Some old time Whovians think it's the worst dreck that the Old Beeb has dug up since bringing Adric into the TARDIS. Others have praised it as the best thing since Tom Baker's signed contract. OK yeah, I know the first two seasons are availble on DVD in it's home region II, and the Doctor is now played by David Tennant, but here in region I it isn't available yet, and hasn't been seen, except to a few folks up north who live near that wacky US/Canadian Border, thanks to Canadian TV CBC Network. Can't wait to see the Dalek Episode(s). I've heard a few things about the story lines and Time Lord history that re-invents the entire series that sounds disheartening but I'll wait till I see it for myself and I'll probably still soak it up like the Sci-Fi Nut I am. Hey it took me about two-and-a-half episodes of the revamped Battlestar Galactica to really enjoy it and get into it.

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