Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fireworks Bah Humbug!

As I get older, I get less and less interested in fireworks on the Fourth of July or at anytime. I know it's weird but it's the truth. I think it is mostly because my favorite type of fireworks display is rarely, if ever, done any more. I'm talking about the fireworks display that I call "Sizzlers" I don't mean the ones that fizzle out when they shoot up, I mean the ones that you can tell what they are as soon as they shoot out of the mortor (you can also tell the fizzling duds this way too). Anyway I mean the ones that as the explosives leave the mortor they make a sizzling type sound that sounds like the rocket is spinning and wabbling, you can see it doing it too as it arcs up into the sky. Then instead of a blossoming flower you get a bizzare sizzling/whistling sound as the lit explosives in at least four different parts spin and separate in swirling motions and peel off in all directions. The sound is a whooshing, swirlling, sizzling sound that is best heard not described. You would know it if you heard it.