Monday, February 27, 2006

Doctor Whooooo, Hey The TARDIS! Doctor Whooooo whoo whoo.

Oh Yeah, I saw a series teaser that verifies some rumors that might have been floating around. Now I'm Psyched! The new revitialized BBC series Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston as the doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler is definately coming to the Sci Fi Channel (Doctor Who on Sci-Fi). I've heard mixed reports about this incarnation number 8? 9? of the self titled "Doctor" who travels through time and space in a mid twentieth-century English Police Telephone Call Box (Big Blue wooden Police Phone Booth to us Americans) which he calls TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimentions In Space). Some old time Whovians think it's the worst dreck that the Old Beeb has dug up since bringing Adric into the TARDIS. Others have praised it as the best thing since Tom Baker's signed contract. OK yeah, I know the first two seasons are availble on DVD in it's home region II, and the Doctor is now played by David Tennant, but here in region I it isn't available yet, and hasn't been seen, except to a few folks up north who live near that wacky US/Canadian Border, thanks to Canadian TV CBC Network. Can't wait to see the Dalek Episode(s). I've heard a few things about the story lines and Time Lord history that re-invents the entire series that sounds disheartening but I'll wait till I see it for myself and I'll probably still soak it up like the Sci-Fi Nut I am. Hey it took me about two-and-a-half episodes of the revamped Battlestar Galactica to really enjoy it and get into it.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

You've Got to be Kidding, Right?

In Silver Spring, MD (Tuesday 21 February, 2006) a 5-year-old girl was suspended from her elementary school for allegedly being involved in sexual activity on the school's playground. WHAT? A 5-year-old? Sexual Activity? What about the boy or boys that were involved? So far I've only seen one source for this news story, the local DC area ABC News Station WJLA Channel 7. I was shocked when I heard the coming-at-11-O'Clock News headline teasers. Of course the exact details are not being divulged, and the identities of the child and her parent(s) are not being given for her protection. So they didn't say if more than one boy was involved or what the activities were. But come on 5-years-old? Her father is fighting the suspension and obviously is asking a lot of questions, including where the playground supervisors where, or what they were doing when these acts took place. I would be interested in knowing who initiated these acts, her or the boy or boys she was involved with.

Who is responsible for something like that? Obviously the parents of any of the children involved need to inform their children of what types of behaviors are acceptible. When do parents need to inform their children about sex? For years experts have been saying that the best thing to do is to talk to your kids about sex, when they first start asking all those where do babies come from? questions. Parents are told to tell the kids the truth, don't involve the stork (he just delivers them he don't make them), and to use the medical terms, not the street slang. But when do kids start asking those questions? Is that at 5-years-old? Is it sooner? Was this girl doing something she saw in a music video or a movie on TV? Was it something she heard about from peers or an older sibling? Has she been suffering abuse? Was she simply imitating dancing she saw? Was she following instructions from one of the boys? Were they also 5 or 6? Or a little older?

Now unless things have changed in the last 35 years or so since I was 5, a child who is 5-years-old is just beginning school, usually in pre-school or what is known as day-care now. 5 or 6 used to be the age that you "started" school with pre-school, then it was Kindergarden at 6 and then at 7 you entered Elementary School with First Grade. This has your child graduating high school at age 18. Now depending on your area's school district and school organization the starting age range differs by about a year so some kids start their formal education at anywhere from about ages 3.5 to 5 maybe 6. It also depends on what time of the year your child was born. So graduating high school seniors are usually 17 & 18, sometimes 16 and very occasionally 19.

I was trying to think back to when I was 5, and what I knew about sex at that age. I think I might have heard the word at that age, but I don't think I "Knew" about sex until 7 maybe 8. Then it wasn't until around age 11 or 12 that we had formal Sex Ed in school. I remember to participate we (the children) were given a participation form that described the course and had to have it signed by our parents in order to participate. I think most parents gave the OK, I can't recall any kid in our school not being allowed to take the course. I don't recall how long the course was, but I do recall that they segregated the boys and girls. This I assume was to inform the girls of all the proper feminine hygiene details without any rude or gross boy jokes. Thus keeping the boys in the dark about the specific details of that special time. Yes the boys were taught about the menstration cycle, but we weren't given all the specific details, just the Reader's Digest version. No wonder men don't understand women. We don't learn about these things early enough. It isn't until our girlfriends get moody that we even catch a hint of what is going on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Teasers - AKA: Misleading Headlines

One of the things about modern reporting that drives me nuts and is one of my pet peeves is the Teaser headline that is misleading. Yeah I know the whole purpose of a teaser is to give you just enough information for an upcoming news item that you just have to read it, or in the case of television news you sit glued to your chair for that upcoming news item. Usually they are some corny or cheesy catch phrase that uses some modern pop-culture reference to make you say "Gee I've got to know what this story is about". The real bummer comes when the bulk of the story gets told and you realize that it wasn't worth the bother. These are the stories that make you wish you had changed the channel to the Gilligan's Island reruns or the M*A*S*H* Marathon, or hadn't left the comics section on the seat next to you on the bus on monday morning.

Another News peave of mine, which I've noticed a lot recently in the entertainment news, is when a headline will only mention part of the entertainer,or sports figures name. Was the Simpson that went nuts in the art museum Jessica or O.J.? Was that Neil or Lance Armstrong that tripped on the stairs while meeting with the Queen?

Then there is the whole Beniffer thing, or making every woman's name sound like JLo, really LindLo for Lindsay Lohan seriously.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Beginning Or The End?

OK So this is my attempt to have my blog in two places at once. My semi-blog is at my regular website at blog page. I usually mention what CDs I've been listening to,or DVDs purchased watched or rented and plans I have for my website or things that I've done to the website to mess it up.

As soon as I can figure out what the best way to do things for me is, I will do it that way and attempt to make my blog look like a part of my regular website. Until then my blog will look like a million other blogs. :(