Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Pop-Tarts Another Taste Test: Frosted Crisp Apple

 OK so here I am, well was a few months back, with another taste test of what I hope will be a restoration of childhood nostalgia. Once again I saw a different Apple of Pop-Tart on the grocery store shelves. This time it was FROSTED CRISP APPLE. Yum!

Now if you have read all my posts on this blog you might remember I have done a couple of Pop-Tart taste posts. One was for another apple flavor "Frosted Orchard Apple Cinnamon" and the other was of all things Fruit Loops. Back to this "Crisp Apple". On the surface it looks like another Kellogg's attempt to bring back the favorite "Frosted Dutch Apple". Right? Wrong. Well sort of. I don't know if they intentionally keep introducing apple flavors that are similar to the original Dutch Apple flavor or not.

As with many other Pop-Tart flavors this one is a bit dry due to the pastry part. The filling part was so-so unheated, but slightly edible when heated up (toasted). OH well.

I have come to the conclusion that due to the recipe changes of the pastry over the years, and the use of  dryer chemical sugar substitutes particularly in the frostings, they will never revive my old favorite flavor FROSTED DUTCH APPLE.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Ebay Reselling Update: September 2021

EBAY Reselling Update:
September 2021 Sales

My last Sales update April 2021 I had 1 sale and 39 listings in the store. 

So What Sold in Sep 2021?
  1. The Heechee Saga: Heechee Rendezvous Bk. 3 by Frederik Pohl (1985, Paperback) $4.95 Plus $4 shipping
Total: $4.95

I sold just 1 item, been months since I've added new listings so no sales for a long time. I keep "thinking" of listing, wanting and plan to list but haven't done so. Anyway this book was bought by someone in Canada and with the prices of USPS first class shipping to Canada I lost a ton on this. In the faith of openness it cost me $21.25 to ship USPS First Class to Ontario Canada. I will no longer ship to Canada the only non US country I was shipping to. Now I will Only ship to US and US Territories that are part of the USPS system. 

After this shipping to Canada fiasco I went to edit an older listing I had and accidentally clicked "end listing". I immediately noticed and then had to go to my "ended" listings section and relist that older ancient listing. It's all good now.

I now have 38 store listings at a count of 48 units.

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Ranting and Blogging Or Just Ranting?


The original title for this post was: "Stop Blogging Time...  Can't Post This" OK OK so that post title could be a little misleading. I am NOT going to stop blogging and I don't plan on this post having material or ideas that can not be posted online. At this moment I am unsure of what this post will truly be about. I had a passing thought of the M.C. Hammer "Can't Touch This" song but changing the words to "Stop! Blogging Time" then thought of the "Can't Post This". Long story even longer, I once again thought about what can I post about this month. I also wondered why do I blog anymore? Mostly because in some ways I still like doing it. My blogging has never attracted a huge gathering mostly because I have never been one of those posting monster bloggers that crank out a minimum of 1 post per day. Some bloggers post close to half a dozen posts per day almost every day. Yikes. I  have always tried to have quality over quantity. I don't do enough blogging to have my blog monetized, and I don't have a consistent subject I blog about that I could spam advertise on my blog. I also don't always go with the crowd or the flow. For this regular personal blog sometimes it is very difficult to come up with a subject to blog about. I don't like to post too much personal info, yet sometimes I do seek a little bit of attention. 

Blogging just for yourself is a bit odd. When you think about it if that is why you are "blogging" you should just keep a diary on you computer without posting it online. That or do the traditional diary writing with pen or pencil on plain paper or in a diary type book.

Then there are times when I seriously think about giving up blogging completely all of my blogs. It would save me the hassle of having to come up with something to post every 30 days.

Well I guess this post will go nowhere. There isn't anything spectacular happening that I want to yack about.

Oh and to the 2 or 3 people who do read this blog as well as my two trading card blogs a big THANK YOU.

Monday, August 09, 2021

Album Review: 22 Nailing Corpus Christi

Album Review: 22
Nailing Corpus Christi

This review was originally posted on rateyourmusic. on their community forums. This version of the review has had some editing and corrections.

The Nails Corpus Christi
1993 Safe House Records SH 2110 2

"Bobbie joined a new-wave band,
and changed her name to Bobbie-sox."

I got this album because of the track I had heard on the radio "88 Lines About 44 Women", and this album has three versions of it as bonus tracks on the CD. Each version is slightly different and is even slightly different than the radio version (which was additionally edited to censor words not allowed on radio by the FCC). The other tracks on the album are OK but in my opinion are a little below average. On some tracks the lead singer sounds like he should be singing about Elvis Presley or some country western story song, and on a few has a hint of a Jim Morrison sound to his voice. A few of the tracks have a slight anti-Christian feel to them. It is a light mocking or poking fun of, not a full-blown bashing. I'm pretty sure that is the theme of the album thus the title.

Monday, August 02, 2021

Album Review: 21 Joe Cool Plays The Blues

Album Review: 21
Joe Cool Plays The Blues

This review was originally posted on rateyourmusic. on their community forums. This version of the review has had some editing and corrections.

Wynton Marsalis/Ellis Marsalis Joe Cool’s Blues
1995 Columbia Records CK 66880
"Little birdie, why do you fly upside down?
It's amazing, at the way you get around."

Anyone who has seen a Peanuts cartoon will recognize the first track Linus & Lucy which is often mistakenly called Snoopy's Theme by people who don't know it's title, probably because it is often used as the music that the gang dances and parties to. This version of Linus & Lucy is in a lower key than it's usually played plus the horns are muted. This whole album is music from or inspired by the Peanuts television specials and movies. This is one mellow smooth cool jazz album. When not reminding me of the cartoons this music takes me back to another part of my childhood. My mother's Godmother belonged to a country club and twice a year, sometimes more often we would go there on holidays for brunch or dinner. The club had a ballroom and a cocktail lounge. Often in the lounge there would be a jazz combo, usually just a trio (piano, drums and upright bass) at the time I was too young to appreciate jazz, so I never hung around the lounge. Plus I think children were not allowed in it. Back to this album. Many of the tracks are the themes for the characters, track 3 for example is Peppermint Patty and track 7 is Charlie Brown. There is even a track titled Oh, Good Grief! Track number 6 Wright Brothers Rag sounds like something that would play during one of Snoopy's WWI Flying Ace fantasy sequences. Track 11 Little Birdie is the only track that has any lyrics, I forget which special or movie it was featured in, but obviously it references Woodstock.

If you like jazz and you like the Peanuts cartoons then you wil love this album.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Album Review: 20 Flat Out Sounds Like Blue Oyster Cult

Album Review: 20
Flat Out Sounds Like Blue Oyster Cult

This review was originally posted on rateyourmusic. on their community forums. This version of the review has had some editing and corrections.

Buck Dharma Flat Out
1982 Portrait Records ARR 38124

"On the night I was born
They had the radio on
The countdown survey
From numbers forty to one
They played number thirteen
Mother was feeling fine
The station kept a rockin'
I was born on number nine"

For those of you who don't know Buck Dharma is the lead singer for Blue Oyster Cult. This solo album could almost be considered a BOC album except it doesn't have the band's symbol on the cover, I haven't checked the musician credits carefully enough to see if any other band members contributed to this album. It totally Rocks. My favorite song from the album is the first track on side one Born to Rock. When I first got this album, I put that song on a mix tape or two, I probably still have those tapes somewhere. As I said this album sounds as though it could be a regular BOC album. The only real surprise of the album is the cover of Come Softly to Me it just doesn't seem to fit well with the other songs, but it is still very good. If you are a fan of Blue Oyster Cult, then you should add this album to your collection. I don't think it has seen the digital light of CD yet and I'm pretty sure the vinyl version is Out of Print.

Note: Since my original reviewing of this album back in 2007 a CD release has been made. I need to find a copy. I think there is a bonus track.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Album Review: 19 Head Over Heels For Paula Abdul

Album Review: 19
Head Over Heels for Paula Abdul

This review was originally posted on rateyourmusic. on their community forums. This version of the review has had some editing and corrections.

Paula Abdul – Head Over Heels
1995 Virgin Records 7243 8 40525 2 2

"Now you tell me since you've been away
There was something you've been dying to say
Yes, I thought you had eyes for me
But I never was quite sure
Might funny that you never called
Ain't it funny now that you're gone
That you say you're in love with me
Now that's hard for me to believe"

A big disappointment. My least favorite Paula Abdul album. it's not bad it just doesn't have anything special to make it memorable. It basically killed her singing career, or at least de-railed it enough before she shifted gears to be a judge for American Idol. What is it with women who marry and then divorce those Sheen/Estévez boys? Other than the opening track Crazy Cool this album's only single, there is nothing that is particularly memorable. One thing is the video for the song is one of her sexiest videos (maybe because of the Pole Dancing), I think Promise Of A New Day is her sexiest video of all time. Track 2 My Love is For Real begins with a Middle East sound. What is up with that? Maybe a concept that went bad. Track 7 The Choice is Yours the lyrics are poorly enunciated at first, I thought she was singing something in French during the chorus. Track 8 Ho Down starts with an old 1920s style muted trumpets sound, which is either simulated to sound like an old vinyl Victrola disc or an authentic old recording, probably the former, and changes with scratching sounds that jumps into modern dance type music.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Album Review: 18 A Duo Of Broadway Babes

Album Review: 18
A Duo of Broadway Babes

This review was originally posted on rateyourmusic. on their community forums. This version of the review has had some editing and corrections.

Emily Skinner/Alice Ripley Unsuspecting Hearts
1999 Varese Sarabande 302 066 07

"Pretty women
Stay within you,
Glancing... stay forever,
Breathing lightly...
Pretty women,
Pretty women!"

For fans of Broadway "Show Tunes" this CD is super. Emily Skinner and Alice Ripley are two Broadway stars that have two of the sweetest and beautiful voices around, and they are beautiful to boot. They are best known for their roles as Daisy and Violet Hilton the Siamese twins from Side Show. In fact track two She's Gone sung by Alice was cut from the show.

Highlights from this album and some of the tracks I bought this CD for are Pretty Women (Sweeny Todd),I Don't Know How To Love Him (Jesus Christ Superstar) and one of my faves from this album The Alto's Lament sung by Emily. That song is a funny but true song about the types of roles that altos are given to sing in shows. Musicians and musical lovers will get a kick out of that song. OH there is a bonus track at the end that contains a rehearsal for an audition tape, some of the track is just plain silly. I don't think it should have been included. As much as I like this album, it is difficult to listen to more than two maybe three times in a row. 

Monday, July 05, 2021

Album Review: 17 Generic Public Image

Album Review: 17
Generic Public Image

This review was originally posted on rateyourmusic. on their community forums. This version of the review has had some editing and corrections.

Public Image Ltd Compact Disc
1986 Electra Records 9 60438-2

“Anger is an energy
Anger is an energy
Anger is an energy
I could be wrong I could be right
I could be wrong I could be right
I could be wrong I could be right
I could be black I could be white
I could be right I could be wrong
I could be black I could be white"

I first got this CD with the generic title Compact Disc back in the mid 1980s, (recommended by one of my buddies, well insisted really) then for some reason a few years later I sold it. I don't remember when or why, the why was obviously to get some buckage. Back then the first time I heard it, I didn't really like it except for the second track Rise which I tend to like, probably because it's so simple. A few months before reviewing this album, I searched for my copy but couldn't find it, because I wanted to hear that song. Well long story short I managed to find a copy off Ebay for cheap.

I enjoyed this album a lot, unfortunately its so generic sounding, there is little that stands up and grabs me, but I like it anyway.

This generic album has a nice light punk rock sound. The vinyl version is titled guess what? Album and the cassette version titled Cassette (if there were an 8-Track version that would have been called 8-Track). I suppose you could say it was softcore punk as opposed to hardcore. Public Image, LTD sounds like a cross between a typical UK punk band and REM, with a little Talking Heads tossed in.

Oh BTW for the first track titled FFF (all the tracks have simple titles, thus the generic feel to the album) stands for Farewell Fairweather Friends

I'd like to find sealed copies of the Cassette version and the album versions to put on display around my music collection. Newer remastered editions of this "album" is called "album" even on the CD versions.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Album Review: 16 The Greatest Bangling Hits

Album Review: 16
The Greatest Bangling Hits

This review was originally posted on rateyourmusic. It was one of the reviews I was assigned in the "Go Review That Album" game on their community forums. This version of the review has had some editing and corrections.

The Bangles Greatest Hits
1990 Columbia Records CK 46125

“Blonde waitresses take their trays
They spin around and they cross the floor
They've got the moves (oh whey oh)
You drop your drink then they bring you more

All the school kids so sick of books
They like the punk and the metal band
When the buzzer rings (oh whey oh)
They're walking like an Egyptian”

Even though I really enjoy this album I feel that it is mistitled as “Bangles Greatest Hits". It should more accurately be titled "The Best of The Bangles". My reasons first the song "Everything I Wanted" was PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED. How can a song that has never been heard publicly before, be considered a "greatest hit"? The answer to that is the music companies need to add something new as filler so the old and current fans can experience something new. There were a few other songs that were never on the charts so again technically not a "hit" in the sense of not getting any radio airplay. The songs come from their 3 full albums (at the time of release 1990) "All Over The Place", "Different Light" and "Everything" except for; "Everything I Wanted" as mentioned before previously unreleased, "Where Were You When I Needed You?" the B-side to the single "Hero Takes A Fall", and their cover of Paul Simon's "Hazy Shade Of Winter" from the "Less Than Zero" Soundtrack (a song that became a bigger hit than the movie it was on the soundtrack to). Personaly I think at least one song is missing from this “Best of” album and that is “How is the Air up There?” from their self-titled EP released in 1982 I’ve always liked that song. There may be a few more but it has been ages since I've listened to their other albums.

The 1980s were mostly known for "Hair Bands", Rap music, Popularizing Punk Rock, New Wave, and a sort of Girl Group Revival. Girl groups had been around in the 1960s but they were mostly just singers, the '80s saw Girl groups that were actually "bands" in the sense that they played their own instruments. Some of them supposedly played their instruments but that can be debatable. The Bangles already knew how to play their instruments before they became a band (some bands had to learn to play their instruments). They also wrote their own songs most of the time. An exception was one of their biggest hits “Manic Monday” which was written by Prince.

My favorites from this album I guess would include: The cover of Katrina & The WavesGoing Down To Liverpool”, “Manic Monday”, “In Your Room”, “Eternal Flame”, “Hazy Shade of Winter” and probably “Walk Like An Egyptian” even though it was over played and over-hyped.

The Bangles have an excellent blend of harmonies, but honestly one can grow tired of Suzanna Hoffs’ high pitched voice. Drummer Debbi Peterson has a more pleasant but slightly husky voice especially when she takes the lead on her song “Be With You”. Her huskiness reminds me just a little bit of the Wilson Sisters of Heart.

The album certainly has an ‘80s feel to it. It also has a tiny international feel to it with “Walk Like An Egyptian” sort of, that song more sort of borrows a hint of the middle eastern feel with it’s mock Egyptian beat. A better international feel is the sitar (played by Michael Steele) of “In Your Room” or at least that ‘60s “lets impersonate George Harrison and The Beatles” feel.

In my book a best of album or a “Greatest Hits” album should contain those songs from a group’s repertoire that if the songs were on another album they would be the ones you would skip other songs to listen to. The more songs like that the better. I enjoy this album but for me not all the songs are songs I would skip to.

For people wanting to decide if the Bangles (previously known as “The Bangs”) is for them this is an excellent album to get. I would also suggest “Everything” and “Different Light” if you can find a copy getting the 5 song self-titled EP “Bangles” recorded when they were still the Bangs but re-released after their name change) is a plus for your Bangles collection.