Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dancing With The Candidates?

Take this lovely Dancing With The Stars photo of Pop-Singer Mario (Who? What is his full name? Is that it?) and Karina Smirnoff. Again Who?

I don't watch the show so I didn't see any of their moves on the dance floor/ stage/ TV studio. I first saw a parody of this photo Monday Night on a blog or a chat board, and I of course got some emails that had it as an attachment. It is a nice photoshop parody and here it is.

Wow uncanny, so why is Barack Obama dancing with Tina Fey? OK I know it's Sarah Palin. At any rate it is a very good photoshop job. Congrats to whoever did it. By the way I had a Dickens of a time trying to Google the parody. Maybe I was checking with the wrong words or maybe it has been deleted from some places. I don't know, but I ended up using a copy from an email attachment. Speaking of Dancing with the Stars, I still don't watch it. Even when they had:

Marie Osmond
, or Lisa Rinna, I was tempted to watch it then. I was also tempted to watch it some other time but I forget who the stars were that I wanted to see .

Personally I'd rather dance with Lisa if I could dance (I'd have to get by Harry Hamlin on that score, the lucky dog) than Karina even though she has slightly nicer looking legs. Yeah I know, Paula Abdul says she can teach anybody how to dance. Hey maybe I should take her up on that. Teach me to dance Paula!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Facebook Fun or Princess Bride Classic Stuff

I found a humorous picture on

Ah a famous quote immortalized in it's literal sense. For those of you who have been under a rock for about 20-25 years or don't get to the cinema much. The quote "Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!" is from the movie The Princess Bride uttered by the character of the same name Inigo Montoya portrayed by Mandy Patinkin who starred in the TV shows Dead Like Me and Criminal Minds.

Hmm must be a popular idea. OH Well. Hey I like this red version.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fusion Man or Ace Mccloud?

Wow! Did you hear about the Swiss guy who is the first man to fly across the English Channel using a homemade single engine jet-powered wing? His name is Yves Rossy AKA: Fusion Man.

A cool site that gives more info can be found at More sites can be found by google searching Fusion Man some of them have videos of some of his flights. When I first heard about the historical flight I thought Cool then I saw a brief video clip and a photo and it reminded me of a Cartoon Show from the 1980s called The Centurions.

The seires launched a line of toys from Kenner and a comic book series by DC. I'm not sure which came first the toys or the cartoon. The Centurions was set in the soon to happen future. It was about a government type force that had a trio of super service men, one who was in charge of land operations, one sea operations and one air operations. Each had a super power battle suit that was very hi-tech. Ace McCloud was the Air man. I don't recall watching the series but I did sell the toys as I was working retail from the mid 1980s (around the time this franchise started) to the early '90s. I was pretty familiar with them and many other lines of toys/cartoon series that [Ninja Turtles] were very [He-Man] popular at the time.

While trying to find some info and pics of Fusion Man I cam across this website which had a similar type contraption, called the Gryphon Glider. The GG looks cooler and looks like it's military connected. Maybe it's not but with it being stelth, it sure looks sweet.

I gotta get me one of those.

Cote de Pablo AKA: Agent Ziva David on NCIS

Man OH Man. it is hard to get Cote de Pablo off of my mind.

That didn't help.

That didn't either. Man what a gorgeous smile she has. That is as far as I will go on that for now. OH Well I guess I'll have a babeworm in my head the rest of the night.