Friday, January 25, 2013

Fryday Fourtoon Numba 23

"You have a natural grace and great consideration for others."

Daily Numbers 8 6 7
Lotto Six #'s 15 29 18 2 13 (yes this one only had 5 numbers)

 *Fortunes and Lottery Numbers just posted for entertainment purposes only

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fryday Fourtoon: Numba 22

"An empty stomach is not a good political advisor."

Daily Numbers  3 4 8
Lotto Six #'s  35 26 2 37 45 5

*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers just posted for entertainment purposes only.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Book Update: July and August 2012

July & August 2012

OK like my last "update" this one is coming many months too late, but only about 6 months late this time not 11. I got just a few books from the summer months, with the exception of one or two books from the MLB Insiders Club, this wraps up the books I had gotten in 2012. I will try to keep up with this stuff THIS Year to avoid having to do another post or two like this come 2014. I already have about 5 coming in from Ebay in the next few days to weeks.

ON to the books all of which I got from dealers at Ebay:

First up we have a book that I got for several reasons that should be pretty obvious because it is from a series I have a lot of books from. Doctor Who: Paradox Lost by George Mann. I first heard about this book from a Doctor Who group at GoodReads where I keep track of my book collection. It sounded fun since it was one of those Doctor Who adventures that went back and forth between a couple of time periods.

Doctor Who: Paradox Lost
By George Mann

Like most of the Doctor Who books it is a very fun read. This one gets its excitement from having to solve a modern/future paradox by traveling almost 1,000 years into the past. It keeps mentioning "one thousand years" but technically the span is only 879 years. It has a Sherlock Holmes Mystery feel to it with a bit of a goth horror mixed of course with the modern Doctor (number 11) with "The Ponds" flair.

Next up another Doctor Who book surprise surprise. This one called Doctor Who: Judgement of the Judoon by Colin Brake.
by Colin Brake

This Doctor Who book is a solo adventure of the Tenth Doctor. It has a sort of film noir feel to it with a little bit of comic flair added to the slight Doctor Who taste. He meets a character that would have made a wonderful companion had this been a regular episode or the book series publishers wanted an ongoing companion. I'm not sure how they decide that for the books. Judging (pardon the pun) by the title I thought if would be more of a courtroom drama sort of, but I'm glad it wasn't exactly the way I had invisioned it would be. It was a bit cooler and wasn't stuck with just the Judoon. The actual story is sad in some ways but I won't get into that here right now. I may save some of that for my official review of it. (Whenever that will happen since I'm behind right now with 32 books to review)

My third book from July was one for a sci-fi reading club at Goodreads. Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson.

By Neil Stephenson

This book I was mixed on most of the story I really liked the concept of it but the author's use of foul language was a little much and in many places not needed. Originally published in the early 1990s it is one of those just a few years into the future type of books. The world is owned by corporations and instead of countries everything is companies and their franchises that act like countries, even public services like the police and the US Government are independently owned companies/countries. Cyberspace is huge business and other than these franchise zones it is the place to be. The anti-hero of the story is a mixed-raced 20something who has a hard time holding regular jobs but is an expert swordsman and is one of the "grandfather" hackers of the cyberspace world. He stumbles upon this drug called "Snow Crash" which is a drug in the real world made from tainted blood and in the Cyberworld a computer virus aimed to take out hackers. Part of the cyberspace experience is to be "jacked in" which like many other stories of this kind involves a computer chip and a type of USB port surgically installed in the neck. There is a subculture of these jacked in people who are more cyborg than human and they tend to be associated with the bad guys in this tale. If it were not for the language used by almost all the characters I would have enjoyed this book a bit more.

OK so then for the Month of AUGUST I got  a lone book. This is an older pre ISBN book from the 1960s and Random House. The Story of Baseball by John M. Rosenburg (of course the only amazon links I could find were for revised versions from the 70s but it will do for demonstration purposes and for this blog). It is a big hardcover storybook designed for "young readers" pre-teen to teenagers, but can be enjoyed by those who like or love the sport of baseball. I haven't read it yet but will sometime.

by John M. Rosenburg

Well there we go that was the books I had gotten about six months ago. I will try to keep my book updates more up-to-date than this one and the last one.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Fryday Fourtoon: Numba 21

"The current year will bring you much happiness."

Daily Numbers  1 1 8
Lotto Six #'s 45 19 38 22 34 18

*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers just posted for entertainment purposes only.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Book Update: February 2012 Books

(Very very late)

I'm really really really beyond late with this one. Practically a full frakin year. I started this originally way back at the end of February 2012 for a beginning of March posting obviously that didn't happen. Partly because I am super backlogged on my doing book reviews and partly because I am extremely lazy at some things.  I wonder if I will ever get around to doing any more book reviews or reviews of anything. So here is the stack of dead wood I got way back in the month of February 2012.

by Stephen Cole

First up is a book from the new series of Doctor Who from an author I already have a few DW books from. Doctor Who: The Monsters Inside by Stephen Cole features the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). This book was the book to read for September in the Sci-Fi Book Club I'm in at It is a very good story. I don't want to spoil anything but it features the return of a monster that made it's Doctor Who debut in Season One, well technically Season 27 or something but Season One for the current rebooted series. The story would have been a pretty exciting episode for the show. This series of the current Doctor fills the hunger for new Who episodes when the show is between seasons or during the mid-season breaks just as the classic "New Adventures of Doctor Who" series filled the hunger during the non-existent years.

Next we have the two books from the spin-off series of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. of course. Now with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. there were 23 novels printed in the US with only 16 printed in the UK in a different order with different covers but the same story on the inside. To mix things up a bit and to confuse things The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. only had two novels printed in the US but four printed in the UK, yet there were five different stories. The first US GFU book is the same story as the UK book 2 again with different cover (slight variation in style but same posed picture from star Stephanie Powers) where the US book 2 was not printed in the UK.

 by Michael Avallone

by Michael Avallone

Next up we have a book I got from the MLB Insiders Club. The 2012 Baseball America Almanac. Oddly the cover for this is slightly different from the one I saw online and the cover that my collection tracking site GoodReads has for it so I need to add it. This is the complete stats book that covers the previous season 2011. Since the Nationals did so well in 2012 I will need to get the 2013 Almanac when it is published. 

V Series

by Tim Sullivan

I am in the final stretch of my collection of the US printed V Books. Of the original series of books this book is the next to the last one to get To Conquer The Throne by Tim Sullivan.

I finished up my V Book Conquest with The Oregon Invasion by Jayne Tannehill. Now I have all the US published V books, someday I might try for the UK published versions.

From the Classical Literature aisle I picked up a second copy of Mark Twain - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
First my original copy which is falling apart.
 Then we have the other version I plucked off of Ebay,
with the classic cover I'm more used to.

Then I found a copy of a book I have wanted for a long time. I have had the first book for ages and ages since it came out then this book I didn't know about until a few years after it was already very hard to find. Scroogie #2: Hello There, Ball! by Tug Mcgraw I think this was the book I got via the Barnes & Noble from an affiliate book seller. I forget how much I got it for but it was a bit high by my normal standards but I really wanted this book. This has the rest of the comic strips. I also in a fit of insanity bought an auction lot of Scroogie Comic strips clipped from the newspapers also from Ebayabout 70 or so total the seller claimed it was a "complete run" but it is only about half the run. Oh well.

Next we have a book that is similar to a book I think I talked about months and months ago (or maybe not I'm too lazy to check my older posts) The Little Pun Book assembled (edited?) by Robert Margolin published by Peter Pauper Press.

Following the PUN theme I got two books that my family had ages and ages ago at least the second book. Both are picture books by a photographer Bruce A. McMillan they are Punography and Punography Too. Each is very short only about 30 pages or so. He shows a series of four photographs that show some kind of progression and visual representation of a pun. Some of them are cute, and some are just plain awful. There are even a few that make you say "Huh?"

That is it for my February books I also got 3 books in July and 1 in August. I think I will combine those two months when I get around to them.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013


Another year has come and gone. This one like the last few has flown by quickly too quickly. One of the things I used to do at years end was to post a "Year In Review"over at my personal website Nesredna's Knook, but I decided not to continue with that tradition. I used to update them pretty frequently and try to keep up with it month-to-month, but this past year I hardly did anything with it. So my personal tradition of that will go away after 13 years. Maybe I'll change my mind sometime during this year of twenty-thirteen but I doubt it. I don't update my website as much as I used to partly due to the easier format of blogging. It is 100 times easier just to blog to get personal things up on the web than it is to write/code HTML. I have to make sure I have copies of all my stuff that is on my website especially the graphics. I have copies of each html page and some of the graphics, but I want to be sure I have that stuff saved somewhere else in case I ditch my website completely. I'm pretty sure I've got most of it, but there are a few things I think over the years I got rid of my backup copy thinking I didn't need it because the website was solid, and I didn't want my hard drive cluttered or have a floppy disc lost somewhere. Now its a case of having an appropriate storage device that is not obsolete. Not maintaining a website will save me some money in the long run because I have to renew the domain name every year, or every other year as well as the monthly payments to the web hosting service I use. Also my website has become more of just a small data storage place. A temporary one because as soon as I stop making payments to the site, or when I pass from this Earth all that data will go away. Nice thoughts right?

Lets see what is my post total for the Year of 2012?

January: 3
February: 4
March: 7
April: 1
May: 1
June: 1
July: 3
August: 1
September: 1*
October: 4
November: 5
December: 7


*For my other blogs Captkirk42s Trading Card Blog and Curly W Cards I didn't blog in September although for one of them I tried on the final evening of September to post something and I started it in September but by the time I finished the post it was October and the time stamp didn't play that "using California time" thing like it sometimes does. I need to improve on making posts for ALL my blogs.