Friday, February 26, 2010

Max Headroom Coming to DVD

Well It's About Bloody Time!

Matt Frewer as Max Headroom

From an email I got from I got the heads up that one of my favorite Mid-1980s Sci-Fi television dramas is coming to DVD. Yes Finally MAX HEADROOM (20 Minutes Into The Future) is coming to DVD legitimately. Here is a blurb on it Max-Headroom DVDs Planned.

Matt Frewer and Amanda Pays

Max Headroom is a computer generated image (with assistance from scanned images of Matt Frewer in prosthetic make-up) that in the plot of the series a teenage computer whiz-kid created. I won't go into details of the series just yet here at least not in this post.

The character of Max Headroom first started out in Coca-Cola commercials in the US and I understand that previously in the UK he was a VJ host of some kind. Anyway first a British Made TV Plot was filmed (It was available on VHS it is long out-of-print) then a US television series was made.

This soon to be released DVD is for the US series. I hope that they include the original UK Pilot, or at least soon release that to DVD. There was even a Max Headroom talkshow after the US TV series died out way too soon, hopefully that will see the laser-light of DVD sometime soon.

So soon we will be able to toss back a few Zic-Zac cola's and skip the blipverts. Now Disney has to release Song of the South to DVD and my world will be back on track.

Release date is scheduled to be 10 August, 2010.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ford 2010 Models Mailing

Back in November I think, maybe even as early as Sept or Oct, in the mail I had received a Ford promotional mailing thing for the new upcoming 2010 models cars and trucks.

Oh boy exciting.

I was going to throw it away actually recycle it, but I noticed there were some stickers. Then I realized the entire promo package was stickers so I decided to keep it for a weird collectible type thing. It won't become valuable for any real amount of money. Maybe a few years down the road I will sell it for "Wow Factor".

They start things off with a little "Edge". Each vehicle in the promo has an information sheet, and then on the back are some stickers of that model and some Ford Logos or car parts. I guess they intended to give the adults who were thinking of buying a Ford all the info on the various models and then give their kids something to do while Mommy and Daddy are out buying their new ford.

Then they brag a little about how tough their trucks are and how much they can haul.

Next for those of you who want to help keep the Earth green they have their Hybrid card The Fusion.

Finally they end with their popular economy car Taurus.

Pretty neat, but hopefully I won't be buying a new Ford this year.

I'm trying to make my 2002 Focus stay in focus for another 2 years before I even think about getting a new car. Plus financially I can't afford a new car until probably next year.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrity vs. Non-Celbrity Rant

Celeb Rant
OK so who is this? Lara Croft Right? Angelina Jolie? No it's Allison Carroll she's been the official Lara Croft for the video games promotional stuff since 2008 where have you been? (That is what many people will say about me after this rant I guess)

I am beyond tired of Non-Celebrity-Celebrities. The people who are famous for just being famous. How the heck did they become famous? People who appear on or win these reality TV contest shows are NOT CELEBS! WHY OH WHY Does the frack'n Media treat them as celebrities?

When I first heard about that couple who had eight kids and got a reality television show to tell about them just because they had eight kids I didn't know or care what their names were. Then I started hearing about Nick and Sally or Cathy or whatever her name was/is. Every once in a while there would be a news headline that said "Sally upset over wedding cake" OK who the heck is Sally again? Oh Yeah she's that woman on that stupid reality show. People actually watch that show?

I am also sick of when the media using just one name in a headline. "Jessica is Pregnant" OK WHICH JESSICA? Simpson? Hawn? Beal? Sarah Parker? Rabbit? Private Lynch? WHO? WHICH ONE?

It used to be in reporting you would give the person's full name THE FIRST TIME you mention their name (an usually also in the tagline or headline) THEN after the first mention you can give just their last name. Since you have already mentioned their full name and your readers know who you are talking about. If you have a small closed audience and always mention the same people I guess you can get away with this type of first name only reporting, but most of the time this is just too confusing.

The same applies with organizations and companies. You give the full company name, or the companies public trading name FIRST then later you can use the acronym or abbreviation. The few exceptions are The FBI, CIA & KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti - English translation is Committee of State Security) organizations that are widely well known often world wide and are not often confused with something else.

OK we can get when someone says "Jacko" they mean Micheal Jackson or "Jay-Lo" is Jennifer Lopez but other than that most of the time it can get pretty confusing and then frustrating if you aren't up on the Celebrity of the Minute.

So please World Wide Media stop with the "Simpson goes back to Jail" Head-Lines. Which One? Jessica? O.J.? Bart? You know it's worse when the name is Smith or the first name is John. OK which John are you talking about now? Which one is currently the most popular John?

[Edit note:] Why is there some bracket like lines with the KGB translation? It doesn't show when I preview, but shows up in the final form. Weird.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Stuper Bowled 44

Coming Sunday it's the annual NFL Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial Celebration with a football game. Wait that's not right, OH yeah it's the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? Um the revival of Rock 'n' Rollergames? Oh that's right the SUPER BOWL. The Indianapolis Colts vs. The New Orleans Saints. It's the first time for the Saints to the big show, and the umpty umpth for the Colts.

So what commercial will everybody be talking about on Monday morning 8 February 2010? I don't know and I don't really care. I will of course watch the game and actually pay attention to the commercials, except for when I really really gotta go to the head.

Sometimes I take pride in the fact that I am as old as the Super Bowl, but since Super Bowl XL that pride has fallen by the wayside along with my youth and my excellent health. Just call me Middle-Aged Man!

The first Super Bowl I recall watching or being interested in was SB VII (7) The Washington Redskins were the favored team, even though the AFC Miami Dolphins had an undefeated season, and ended up winning 14-7. It was a major disappointment. It was also disappointing because my fave quarterback Sonny Jurgensen didn't play because of a leg injury he had during the season. I recall my brother used to (and probably still does somewhere) have a joke book that had photos of the Redskins season that year with cartoon "thought" balloons. One of the pictures was of Sonny on the sidelines on Crutches. I forget what the saying was. I don't have many clear memories of the actual game, like so many other games though the years. The Skins did have revenge 10 years later in SB XVII. My fave Super Bowl though is XXII when the Skins beat the tar out of the Broncos 42-10. That was the best 2nd quarter of any Super Bowl I've seen, and as I said the first one I saw was number 7 and I've seen every one ever since. I've been bored with some of them especially during the 1990s but the last few have been exciting. For a few years there the commercials were more exciting than the game.

I do have some vague memories of a commercial campaign around that time for Noxzema cleansing cream. One of the Super Bowl commercials from back then was with Joe Namath and a the Noxzema girl who was a then unkown Farrah Fawcett. I recall she used to sing the jingle part of which went "Let Noxzema cream your face.." something something "it can't be beat"

Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett from Noxzema shoot.

If I recall correctly at the end of that commercial with Joe and Farrah she smacks him in the face with a handful of the stuff. see it on youtube OK so maybe the last part of my quote isn't right.

Anyway a classic Super Bowl commercial is the famous Coke commercial with Joe Greene and a kid, where the kid gives "mean Joe" his Coke and Joe gives the kid the sweaty jersey from his back. My faves have always been the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials. One of the best I think is the one where the horses are playing football and you see a zebra "reviewing" the last play, two cowboys are standing against a fence, one of them says "That referee is a jack-ass" the other one says "Nope I believe that is a Zebra".

Remember during the 80s, if you were alive then, the Bud Bowl commercials? It was one of the first concept "mock Super Bowl" commercials where they pitted regular Budweiser Bottles up against Bud Light, the bottles had on little helmets instead of bottle caps, I think they were stop motion type animation. Pretty silly but they had them for a few years until people got sick of them. I think they are much better than the "Waaazz UP?" or that STUPID E*Trade talking baby. UGH I can't stand those things.

There have been some side line gimmicks that feed off the success of the Super Bowl. The Puppy Bowl, Various Half-Time Specials like the "In Living Color" Live Half-Time Special one year and more recently the Lingerie Bowl. The LB is apparently a real thing though as there is a real Lingerie Football League. I think it started as a joke, but got such a super reaction it became a reality. CSI:NY a couple of weeks ago had an episode that featured the LFL the story centered around the death of a quarterback for the NY team that was found dead floating in the whirl-pool sauna. I've never really watched any of a Lingerie Bowl, or a LFL game if those are real.

Anyway with the game I hope the Saints win because I always think its cool when a team that has never been before beats a more established team.

Mabye I'll cheer to see more of this: