Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Update: One Book Two Books Red Book Blue Book

BOOK UPDATE: One Book Two Books One Buck Two Bucks

On Tuesday 25 April while on a quest to my neighborhood Dollar Tree for some much needed paper products, Kleenex facial tissues for backup and TP (toilet paper) of which I was down to the last part of the next to the last roll, I picked up a couple of books. Yes you guessed it for a $ingle Dollar a piece. One of them is a mystery type story that sounded so cool. I discovered it is the second book in a series of at least two books.

OH according to my Goodreads there are four more books in the series. The other book I got is a memoir/autobiography/biography relating to baseball.

So the book that is part of a series is called The Madness Underneath from the Shades of London series by Maureen Johnson.

I went back a few days later (Saturday 29 April) because I thought I had recalled seeing one of the other books in the series on that first trip. I didn't see any of the other books the second trip. I checked another neighborhood dollar store a Family Dollar store but they didn't have any books other than a handful of kids books and coloring books. Through Ebay I have ordered book number three The Shadow Cabinet for $6 Free Shipping. and received it.

Not sure why I'm attempting the full series before I've even read one of the books. Wait I do know. I had found book number two and thought the synopsis of it sounded fun, and then realized it was a second book in a series after bringing it home for a closer look. Often individual books in a series will have the same sort of feel even though the plots are completely different. They are related because they follow the same characters on another adventure or the continuation of the same adventure.

The other book I got was a memoir slash biography slash autobiography of sorts. It is Ted Williams, My Father: A Memoir by Claudia Williams.

Claudia is the last surviving child of baseball great Ted Williams. He played 21 years for the Boston Red Sox and then 9 years later returned to baseball to manage the Washington Senators for their last 3 years and the first year when they moved to became the Texas Rangers.

On my second trip I bought two more books. These two are written by comedians slash actors. The first one is the novelization of a comedy film the second one is another sort of memoir slash autobiography.

The film novel is A Million Ways to Die in the West by Seth MacFarlane the creator of the television show Family Guy.

The second and final book of this update is Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film by Patton Oswalt.

The book cover images in this post I got from Google image searching. I was too lazy to scan my own copies. I have enough things to do and to scan than to worry about scanning my books. It also helps me to publish these posts quicker. I have already delayed putting the finishing touches on this post and wanting to include the book covers added at least another week or two.

OH and just today (Thursday 11 May 2017) I ordered a book from Ebay for $13.60 Free Shipping by an author who is now one of my faves. Greg Cox and his latest novel in the based on the television show The Librarians. This is his second book from the series The Librarians: And The Mother Goose Chase.