Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NCIS got back.

Before I get to the meat of this post I noticed something in the first two episodes of Season 6 of NCIS in relation to some factual errors, which I think are intentional for military safety and or legal mumbo jumbo. First in the closing of season 5 they announced the team would be broken up and Tony would be assigned to the Ronald Reagan an Aircraft Carrier (which is number CVN 76). In the season 6 opener, which is some 4 months later, they mention he was transferred to anothercarrier "The Seahawk" (which is a fictional ship for the purpose of the series). In one scene in Abby's lab she is looking at a post card from Tony. I had to pause my tape (as I was out that night at auditions) to check out what the postcard said, she flips it over to show the picture of a ship which is labeled "USS SEAHAWK CVN 65" OK but there really is a CVN 65 and it is The Enterprise. I got a kick out of that.Well now this week they have Tony still on the "Seahawk" and in some cool shots of showing the ship, including the flight deck showing the fan tail where the huge ship number is. This one is 74, upon checking CVN 74 is the USS John C. Stennis. Now they have used the name Skyhawk before, but you can't always see the identifying marks. Oh well before I go to far and forget my original intention for this post I have noticed they show plenty of bare backs in this show.

From an earlier episode in season 4? when McGee goes down to Abby's lab and sees Abby (Pauley Perrette) changing into her Goth clothes, here is what he sees.

And on the Season 6 Opener Ziva (Cote de Pablo) did a lounge act number in this nice slinky number.

Yup Ziva has a real nice rear end.

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