Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! 2015 Edition


Sorry for a quick and dirty post. Odd that it has to be a quick one since I've had all month to come up with something. I'm not sure what my original idea for some post was but I had an idea for something earlier this week but kept putting it off. To keep up with my minimum of one post per month I had to get something up. So here is a pick of me from Halloween 1986 (could be 87 but I think it was 86 because I don't think we were allowed to dress up for Halloween after that) when I worked at a toy store. The picture was taken in the stockroom area of the store near the front of the store if I recall correctly. The vest I'm wearing is the uniform vest employees wore at the time, you can see part of my name badge as well.

 I was a dead pirate or skeleton pirate. Yes I am wearing glasses over the skeleton make-up. This was before I started wearing contacts. I had borrowed the striped shirt from a friend. He said it was his uniform from when he worked at a seafood fast food place the rest of the costume was my own. Not sure what the white scarf is or came from, been too long.