Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moving ON, IN or OUT?

Wow almost the end of August and I haven't updated here. That is mostly because of my move at the beginning of the month. All my time has been devoted to unpacking, well and also some rehearsing and performances of My Emperor's New Clothes. Did I mention that here? Well if not I guess I will someday in reminiscing about it. Anywho, due to scheduling errors and my cell phone being packed away in the moving truck I still don't have my cable/internet hooked up. Technically my cable should have been transferred to my apartment as a simple move, but I think the Comcast boneheads screwed it up. I know the guy I was going to have do the work, that my apartment complex uses was going to have me cancel my older cable and then start fresh. I ended up calling Comcast directly to get a clearer idea of what my new service would be, even though it will cost me slightly more than what the other guy was quoting. Why can't they offer the price he was offering? Anyway it is supposed to be just a simple transfer the cable and add the internet and now add a landline phone (apparently the 3-in-1 package costs the same as just having the twofer of cable and internet, weird).

Well next Tuesday (26 August) is when Comcast is supposed to come by and install the internet and phone line and transfer the cable. Hopefully things will be OK then and I can forget about all these problems. Good thing I have credit on my Comcast account, but unfortunately I have the credit because I overpaid last time. UGH! Another weird thing is when I try to check things online it seems that my old account was plain canceled not transferred so if that is really the case I am more steamed, but since things should be fixed on Tuesday I should be fine after that.