Sunday, July 19, 2015

Doctor Who: Getting Psyched For Season 9

OK so this is just sort of an observation. I'm not doing any speculating. I'll leave the speculation up to the fanboys and fangirls who are already buzzing around the Internet with their crazy ideas. Most all of which will be disproved. Anyway the observation I am talking about is more just a look-a-like thing not a speculation. If it was a speculation it would be crazier than just crossing over two totally different fandoms from two totally different production companies from two totally different genres of television, and two totally different countries.

In recent weeks the teaser promo trailer for Doctor Who Season 9 (Series 9 as they say in it's original UK) at the very end shows a first glimpse of the highly anticipated appearance of Maisie Williams one of the actors in Game of Thrones a show I have not gotten into mostly because I don't have time for anymore epic television series to get into.

Whovian fanboys and fangirls are doing their best speculating about who her character is. From the trailer it is apparent that The Doctor knows her, has met her previously and is a bit surprised at her appearance. Is she Jenny? The Doctor's daughter from the episode of the same name. Jenny is the forerunner for the mystery character identity. Is she Susan? Very unlikely but possible. Is she Romana? Is she an earlier version of Missy? UM NO that one is crazier than Missy actually being The Master which actually became a reality, but I still say no to that one. I really hope she isn't any of the characters the fandom is speculating about, even if they have an excellent reason behind them.

My speculation is that she is Barbara (based on the sweater she was wearing in one of the first photos of her on the Doctor Who set), but I seem to be the only person in the universe who is thinking that. Could she be Ace? That would be wicked cool if Ace returned but not without Sophie Aldred. She is probably a character that the audience has not seen previously, but the Doctor knows extremely well like they did a while back with Tasha Lem.

*Sigh* I  didn't intend to spend this entire post talking about Doctor Who so I'll get to my original observation point.

Based on the images from the trailer she reminded me of Cote de Pablo who played Ziva David on NCIS.

Like I said I'm not speculating anything by that. That is the sort of thing that is only in fan fiction from fans who have a very wide spectrum of shows they are super obsessed fans of.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fryday Fourtoon: Numba 76

"Look up an old friend if you're feeling down."

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Friday, July 03, 2015

Fryday Fourtoon: Numba 75

"Happy life is just in front of you."

Daily Numbers 0 7 3
Lotto Six #'s 10 27 30 43 34 13

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