Friday, October 26, 2012

Fryday Fourtoon Numba 12

You like participating in competitive sports.

Daily Numbers 1 8 7
Lotto Six #'s 28 43 6 1 19 17

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Plumbing Problem Story

Recently I had a leaky bath faucet (tub/shower), I let it go for several days (steadily going nuts) and on a Friday evening finally called maintenance. They scheduled to fix it for the following Monday treating it as something that could wait (well yes and no). They asked me if I'd be home, and I thought they meant if I was going to be home for the evening or at worst during Saturday.

Since it was "late" Friday I thought they might come by on Saturday to do the work. I got up early, at the time I would get up for a workday, and waited and waited and waited. Then realized that they had meant they were coming on Monday a day I was working. **Heavy Sigh!**

Monday after coming home from work I noticed they had left a note, on the work order ticket receipt, telling me to empty the HALL closet so they could shut off the water to do the repair work, which even though it is across from the bathroom, has nothing to do with the bathroom stuff, has a bunch of shelves and has no access panel to switch off water. Then I figured (correctly) that they meant the BEDROOM Closet.

Well after four years of living in the same apartment I learned that the access panel in the bedroom wall behind the door (the wall directly behind the shower faucet), was NOT the one that accesses the controls for the water shutoff. No that panel OF COURSE is in the bedroom CLOSET. The far back wall (which is the same wall as the foot of the tub). That closet of course for the last four years has been totally cluttered to almost overflowing, if you count the laundry which gets cleared once a week. The entire closet had to be emptied before the maintenance guys could shut off the water to replace the washer or whatever part was causing the streaming leak.

That Monday evening it took me about an hour and a half, with a couple of rest breaks to empty everything and put it temporarily somewhere else in the apartment.

They came back on Tuesday and fixed the leak.

I don't think too many people who commented read the entire post. As I said above the problem HAS BEEN FIXED. I live in an apartment so it was the apartment complex maintenance staff who fixed it. NO extra plumbing bills. That is one of the few advantages to renting.

I have closed this post to further comments because I have gotten tired of seeing them. No offense to any one in particular. I just find it odd that most of the comments seemed to be of concern and offering suggestions for help like it was something that was currently going on. I was mentioning something that had already been taken care of and had been corrected. Also most of the comments came 2 or more weeks after the original post the last one being over a month almost two.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Source Code: DVD Review

Colter Stevens: It's the same dream, but it's different!
Christina Warren: Deep. I hope it's different. I feel the same way.

Source Code (2011) PG-13
WARNING: This review might contain SPOILERS!

Source Code - When I first saw trailers for this film my first reaction was the plot was similar to the main plot device for the television show Seven Days, because of the time limit of how far back the "time traveler" goes, except it isn't quite the same thing. In the show it was the technology that limited the trips to only 7 days into the past, in this movie the main character goes back to earlier in the day but is limited to 8 minutes in the past due to the "source code" which is more like going into a Matrix of some kind than a time travel machine. I also saw similarities to the show Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula who makes a vocal appearance in this film as the main character's father in a nod to Quantum Leap. The main character or at least his mind sort of "leaps" into another character via the technology of the "source code".

Bare with me here for a moment. The "technology" or science that allows for source code traveling is more sort of a biotechnology than mechanical technology. The basic gist is that after a person is clinically dead there is still some brain activity for approximately eight minutes after death. The source code technology allows someone to tap into or "leap" into that persons final memories and allows for them to "live in" that person's final moments of life. It also allows the "leaper" to go back multiple times. They don't state a specific number of leap attempts that can be made but they seem to indicate there are limits, due to the deterioration of the dead subjects brain activity.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Colter Stevens the protagonist a US Army helicopter pilot who last recalls being stationed in Afghanistan and the source code "leaper". He wakes up on a train as someone else, who he later learns is one of the victims on the train when it is blown up by a terrorist outside of Chicago and that it was believed to be just the beginning of a bigger terrifying plan. It was determined that the train had been bombed remotely by a former passenger on the train. Colter's mission is to find out who bombed the train and stop them before more bombs go off. Along the way he learns that he is in the body of a man named Sean Frentress and the woman who is sitting across from him is a friend of Sean's named Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan).

After the bomb goes off Colter finds himself in a dark chamber that slightly resembles a larger version of his copter's cockpit. He learns that the isolation chamber he is in is part of some military operation. He is told he is in a place called "belegerd castle" a part of some experiment called "The Source Code" by a female Captain Goodwin (Vera Farmiga). Goodwin briefs him on his mission to locate the bomb and try to determin who put it there. Just when he thinks he knows what is going on he is sent back onboard the train to relive "his" or rather Sean's last 8 minutes. Along the way Colter meets the creator of The Source Code Project a Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright).

Colter falls in love with Christina and then his main goal is to figure out how he can save her and the other passengers. Rutledge and Goodwin inform him that stopping the bombing is NOT his mission and that he needs to concentrate on finding the bomber. Of course he does manage to find a way to save the day and change the future a bit.

I really enjoyed this film. The time limit of the traveling reminded me as I said of Seven Days. Colter's waking in the body of someone else reminded me of Quantum Leap. There is even a slight nod to the show both in the casting of Scott Bakula as Colter's father and a scene with a mirror when Colter first learns he is in another body.
Both of the main actresses Monaghan and Farmiga are beautiful and give great performances. The interaction between Monaghan and Gyllenhaal was also very good. They have a great chemistry which shows and in the extras on the DVD is talked about by the actors and the director.

Directed by: Duncan Jones
Summit Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 26 July 2011
Region 1
1 Disc - 93 Minutes

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fryday Fourtoon Numba 11

"You are demonstrative with those you love."

Daily Numbers 2 3 4
Lotto Six #'s 92 5 27 22 7 65

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