Friday, January 24, 2014

Fryday Fourtoon: Numba 54

"You will become more and more wealthy."

Daily Numbers  0 0 7
Lotto Six #'s 2 34 63 80 45 34

*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers are posted for entertainment purposes only.

Monday, January 13, 2014

People who text are weird

A few months back, OK back as far as May last year (2013) I had gotten a text message on my cell phone. Now I don't do texting and rarely use that function but I have done it a few times. So I get a text from what looks like a local number, I'm not sure who or where it came from since I rarely recognize phone numbers anymore. Who does?

So I get a text on my cell phone with a local MD 301 area code number. I hardly recognize any phone numbers now-a-days and since text numbers don't have caller ID I Googled the number but only got it was a cell phone from a local area. Now I know you aren't supposed to text/talk to people you don't recognized but the simple question they posted peaked my curiosity.

Here is an image of the textversation. The unknown person is the blue quote blocks and I am the white:

Where are you!!

Who wants to know?

Haha sorry, that was from during the conge, when we got separated.

The conversation didn't go any further, one I don't know what they meant by conge, and two I hadn't been with anybody at anyplace to get separated from at the time.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fryday Fourtoon: Numba 53

"You may attend a party where strange customs prevail."

Daily Numbers 4 3 9

Lotto Six #'s 32 2 45 19 39 20

*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers are posted for entertainment purposes only.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

A Beastly Meal

I few months back, wow longer ago than I thought, I got some dinner at Panera Bread one of my fave places to go. I got one of my usual sandwiches The Chipotle chicken panini it packs a little bit of a punch. That is not what I wanted to post about it was good as usual. The unusual thing I wanted to blog about was something to be found on my receipt...
Yep look at that Order Number:
URMAGERD Could it be.. OH I don't Know....
It's just a number 666.

As I said nothing unusual and no problems with the order. The next time I visited Panera about 4 days later as I was finishing my order I thought I saw someone I used to know. It was from the back at first (the hair style wasn't quite right and a bit longer than she usually had and with a braid which I don't think she ever had) and then she turned to one of the counter people to ask a question. I'm not 100% sure if it was who I thought, but it could be. I passed by behind her as she was at the counter, then I lost track of where she went and I didn't really care. I forget what I got that time, and the person didn't acknowledge me if she noticed me. I don't think she did. Typical.

Just an adventure or two in dining out.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Fryday Fourtoon: Numba 52

"Let the spirit of adventure set the tone."

LEARN CHINESE: Spring (chun) (tian)

Lucky Numbers: 28, 39, 41, 46, 33, 2

*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers are posted for entertainment purposes only.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

End Of The Year State Of The Blog: 2013 Edition

State Of The Blog
2013 Edition

Now that another year has come and gone it is time for the annual yacking where I talk about the status of the blog and how well I did or didn't do. This past year was exceptional as far as my personal blog quota is concerned. Overall it was at least double but not quite triple what my yearly minimum posting goal of 32 posts per year.

So here is what the numbers for 2013 were:

January: 6
March: 6
April: 2
May: 11
June: 13
July: 19 
August: 8
September: 8
October: 5
November: 3
December: 3


At one point I thought I would get over 100 posts. Due in part to my semi-regular features: Myka Monday and Fryday Fourtoon posts. Had I kept them up regularly I would have done 100 posts easy. Sadly I was a bit short of that mark.

Now for the per year totals:
2006 - 32
2007 - 43
2008 - 36
2009 - 34
2010 - 18
2011 - 20
2012 - 38

2013 - 93

Yearly Average:  39.25
So with 2013 being such a huge year it brings the yearly average to almost 40 posts per year. That equals more than 3 posts per month one post more per month than my monthly goal.