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NCIS: New Orleans?

I recently saw an article that said CBS had green lighted a new JAG/NCIS spin-off series. This time instead of a roving team that the failed NCIS: Red was, this "series" will be centered around an NCIS team based in New Orleans. That immediately made me think of the Mel Odom "NCIS" book series which is UNRELATED to the shows. The books center around an NCIS team based in North Carolina (at Camp Lejeune) though, so my initial connection was way off. I was South but not the right South. The team in the books is mostly military people (Marines and Ex-Marines) so it is slightly different than a "typical" NCIS team which is usually all civilian or mostly civilian.

NCIS book series by Mel Odom
This new spin-off though is supposed to have it's "backdoor" pilot episode(s) on the Mother well oldest Sister series NCIS and if successful become the latest in the franchise. Filming will be in February with the episodes airing in the spring. I guess they are casting right now or will start soon. (Time to brush up dust off the Theatre Resume). The new series and team will be based in New Orleans that is about all that I know right now. Don't know what type of team. The DC team is mostly a regular response police type team. The LA team is an undercover detective team as was the roving Red team. Don't know what the new New Orleans team will be. The team in the unrelated books was an international response team similar to the DC team but also seemed to have some undercover aspects.

I don't know, I'm a huge NCIS fan, but with the main DC team show, and the Los Angeles show I don't think a third show is really needed. I thought that with the NCIS: Red series. It was a fun idea but I don't think it was the time. Is it time now? I don't know but I still don't really think so. NCIS is still strong as it goes into its 11th season that is one season more than the true Mother of the franchise JAG which went 10 seasons. Plus NCIS: Los Angeles is still going almost as strong with season 5.
Speaking of Mothers and NCIS - The super beautiful Daniela Ruah who plays Kensi Blye on NCIS: LA is expecting her first child, a baby boy, with her fiancé David Paul Olsen. Oh Boy the connection gets a bit creepier. David Olsen is the older brother of Daniela's co-star Eric Christian Olsen who plays Marty Deeks, plus David is the stunt double for lil' bro Eric. No wonder Kensi is a little freaked by Deeks. I didn't know all that connection, so um yeah creepy.

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Myka Monday: What Is Myka Thinking?

Yes Myka I think you are on to something.
Image from Episode 1.3 "Magnatism"

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Rewind On Syfy

A few weeks back (now closer to a month) I stumbled upon a one-shot time travel sci-fi show. There was very little promo for it I only just found out about it because I was watching G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra on Sci-Fi Channel, and they had a few very brief "up next" promos. Apparently this practice of little or no pre-promotion is called "Burn Off" (see related links at end of this post) a practice that channel does that really really sucks. The quick promos I did see interested me because it looked like the plot was exclusively a version of Seven Days.

Rewind the "pilot" movie (possible regular series?) on Syfy. Pretty good, it was OK, not great but OK much of it has been done time and time again (pardon the semi-intentional pun). Initially the plot is like Seven Days a military (or ex-military) misfit is recruited for a secret Military funded time-travel program to help correct a horrible event (in this case New York gets nuked). The mix of Military and Non-Military is sort of like Quantum Leap and Stargate, as is the time travel devise/wormhole a "time-stream" where the "destinations" are random, or maybe it more like The Time Tunnel? Oh and the amount of time the "gate" or wormhole is open for varies and can only be estimated.
The cast included: Jeff Fahey as the "Mr. Fix-It" engineer character who developed some of the technology/equipment the team uses. The team of travelers includes Shane McRea as the main "misfit" who is recruited to fill out the team, Jennifer Ferrin the Doctor/Scientist in charge of the technical team and one of the driving forces of the project and Robbie Jones as an associate of McRea's character and one of the military members assigned to the project. One of the supporting characters was a historian/researcher who seemed to specialize in fashion history played by Keisha Castle-Hughes she was my favorite character.

I hope that sometime they release this onto DVD even though it was a failed series pilot episode.

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NCIS: Ziva Replacement Bishop Cast

 With less than a week before the start of Season 11 for NCIS the producers have announced the casting of  Emily Wickersham as Bishop the potential permanent replacement for Ziva (Cote de Pablo). It has been previously stated that Cote will finish up Ziva's storyline in the first two episodes of Season 11. Before they introduce the character of Bishop, the potential permanent replacement for Ziva, a series of other characters will come and go. It reminds me of Murphy Brown and her line of personal secretaries.
Emily seems to be best known as appearing as the girlfriend of a character in The Sopranos, she was also in the 2011 movie I am Number Four . Bishop is scheduled to appear in three episodes starting in November. Wickersham has a three episode deal with the option to become a series regular.

Some fans are already moaning and groaning about Bishop being Ziva's Replacement before they even see her. Pushing the cart before the horse doesn't work folks, at least not in our world/universe.

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Myka Monday: Phoning It In

OK another real quickie.
Myka I'd love to chat with you right now but I really have to get one of these things posted.
"OK Lady I love ya bubye"
Image from Episode 1.1 "Pilot"

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Myka Monday: Don't Give Me That Look

OK I was a bit lazy over the weekend and didn't have anything preset.
Myka don't give me that look.
Myka giving me the evil-eye for not preparing this late post earlier.
Image from Episode 4.13 "The Big Snag".

(actually posting at 1:00 PM is posting at 13:00 which fits in well with Warehouse 13)

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Myka Monday: Myka Come On In

Myka come in take your coat off and stay awhile.
Image from Episode 1.4 "Claudia"