Friday, March 06, 2009

New Look for Screech!

Well changes are coming for The Washington Nationals in 2009 in more ways than one. If news of trades for good or bad, or firings of coaches and resignations of general managers and whatnot was not enough for you then here is something else for you. The Nationals Mascot Screech, has a new look. The news media is calling it
a grown up look, I call it molting or something.

Here is SCREECH in The early days:

On Final Saturday Night Game at RFK Loss to Phillidelphia 22 September 2007.

The next day at the Official digging up of Home Plate Ceremony after the Final Game at RFK Win on Sunday Afternoon 23 September 2007.

And now here is the New very Toned down Screech:

I'm not sure that I like it. I think the "00" jersey number is a nice touch for a Mascot, but I liked the "05" he had to indicate the year of his Hatching. Well like many other changes it will take some getting used to.