Sunday, June 10, 2007

Umm OK

For some weird but good reason, my computer (the laptop I thought had died) is now working. Surprise, I was searching on porblems people had had with their computers not getting power, and found one way to tell if the problem is with the power source the battery or a dead mother board (which is really expensive, I can't afford, and am glad that was not the case), and that way is to try powering up the machine without the battery, just on the AC power. I thought I had tried that at one point, but I guess I didn't. Well I took the battery out and tried turning on the power and viola the machine started to start up. It still takes about 5 minutes for the silly thing to boot up but at least it is working. Then to see if the battery was truely dead I tried putting the thing back in (with the machine still powered on) and instead of the machine dying which I thought would happen, it stayed on and started recharging the battery which said it was at something like 55% charge, well now after about an hour and a half it is up to 91 or so?

OK so now I need to figure out how to backup the stuff I don't have backedup, get a spare battery for backup (could be expensive), get some sort of backup hard drive or some kind of separate storage thing that can hold tons of information. Also eventually I will need to do something about my anchient mini-tower desktop that I barely use anymore, but is hooked up to my skanner. Oh and I need to do something about the other laptop I have that is semi-dead.

I need to really find some sort of devise to act as a palm pilot/ electronic date book/ info device. Oh and a new digital camera, my current one has issues.

Ah now I feel much better. If only I can keep my car from getting messed up, ugh I need to get yet another tire, but that is another story for some other time and some other place.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Over the Hump!

Hey I just noticed that the last entry for May was the mid-way point for being equal to the same number of posts from last year. Yeah Me!

Lately the only thing I've been doing with this blog is updating my CDs listened to. Check them out sometime, the links usually lead to the entry for that release that I recently listened to. So sometimes amazon won't have any copies. Occasionally I also listen to cassettes and on the rare occasion (since I've re-hooked up a turntable) listen to vinyl albums.

So that is it for now.