Friday, July 31, 2009


Yeah Nick's Grimace in this pic just about shows how much I liked today's Mid-Season Trade Deadline Trade.

The WASHINGTON NATIONALS announced a Mid-Season Dead-Line Trade with the Florida Marlins. The Nats just traded one of my all-time fave NATS, who was part of the Original 2005 Season Nationals who were the Montreal Expos, First Baseman Nick Johnson (The last Expo who was still with the Nats) for pitcher Aaron Thompson from Florida's Minor League System Oh and some cash considerations. The biggest sucky part of this is we won't see Thompson in DC for at least a year, maybe two since he's still Minor League.

I haven't been this annoyed at a trade the Nationals made since the Church & Schneider for Milledge trade with the Mets during the winter of '07 just before the 2008 Season. Chruch is now with the Atlanta Braves (after a recent trade a few weeks ago) and Milledge is with the Pittsburgh Pirates from another recent trade. I think Schneider is still with the Mets, thank goodness.

I wasn't even annoyed when the Nats traded away their closer Chad "The Chief" Cordero (another fave of mine), who was their last real closer they've had for sometime.

I know there had been rumors of trading away Nick for sometime, probably even when he was out due to that collision with Austin Kearns in 2006 vs. the Mets in New York that broke his leg.

The Nats are saying they would have gotten rid of Nick at the end of this season anyway. Say What?

OK so how long will the rest of my Fave Nats remain Nats? Ryan Zimmerman, Austin Kearns, Jesus Flores, Will Nieves, Josh Willingham, Jordan Zimmerman even Adam Dunn and the new kid Nijer Morgan. Well at least Nick looks pretty good in pinstripes. After all he did start as a Damn Yankee.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dream Blog?

Dream Blog or No Dream Blog?

I've been toying with the idea of making a dream blog. It would be a blog version of my personal dream log that I already sort of do in a word document. My biggest strike against it though is when real people I know (or celebs I may or may not like) are in my dreams I would have to change the names for several reasons. I don't want to embarrass myself or the other person in case of any compromising situations. I also don't want to open myself up to any sort of law suit. I thought about making up aliases for people but that would require me to make a master list of the aliases and remember who I call who? (or is that whom I called who?) It could get confusing to me.

Although they are just dreams? Right?

Another strike is often times I don't describe things well enough to give the reader the same vision that I saw in my dream. Sometimes when I reread my old dreams, I have no idea what had happened even though I wrote it down. Most of the time I do recall some of it after a little thought.

It's not good for someone who sometimes wants to get into writing to write stuff that doesn't make any sense to the reader, or give any vision of the action. I'm noticing the same problem when I try to write stories. [super big sigh]

OH well maybe there is still the porn biz, or am I too old for that now? (Joking)