Thursday, October 29, 2009

Post Office Whoa!

OK so yesterday (Wednesday 28 October, 2009). I get one of those little post cards in my mailbox that tells you there is a parcel waiting for you at your local post office. I live in an apartment so any package larger than a small loaf of bread has to be picked up at the post office. Unless I am home when they first try to deliver the package. This is normally not a problem, I go to the post office wait in line and find out what package it was that was too large to fit in my tiny mailbox, and who sent the thing.

Well today at about 8:45 AM I go to pick up the package and two things happen:

  1. I see a sign on the door to the post office that says they have changed their hours to Retail Hours 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (previously their hours were 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM). I liked the 8:30 time because I can go to the post office on the way to work without being too damn late. Great so now when I have to pick up a package I either have to wait till Saturday, or get into work even later than late.

  2. The guy that was cleaning the floors at the post office noticed I just had a pick up so he said that he could help me, by getting one of the postal clerks to get my package. Well I go to the pick up door/window and wait for one of the postal persons to help me. She checks my ID (which also is the only way to get my address as this particular card didn't have my full address on it) and looks for the package. She doesn't find it telling me it probably hasn't been taken off the truck yet, and mentions that the card should have had a delivery time on it or something to that effect. She says that it should be available at about 9:30 or so. Well I couldn't wait a full half hour as I was already going to be late to work as is. Oh well I'll have to try picking it up tomorrow after 9:00 AM.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Next Up World Series 2009

UGH. The world series will be between last years champs the Philadelphia Phillies (their fans can be worse than those fair-weather Patriots fans from a few seasons ago) and the Bronx Bums New York Yankees (or are the Mets those bums?).

I'm not a fan of either team. I'm not sure which team I dislike more. I don't really hate the Yankees, except the musical "Damn Yankees" was one of my favorite musicals growing up, maybe it was just because it was based around the Washington Senators. The Phillies have been really really nasty to my Washington Nationals these past 5 seasons.

From my rough World Series research it looks like the last time these two teams met in the big show was back in 1950 and the Yankees swept Phillie. Phillie won last year and are trying for a repeat. The question is can they do it? We shall see very very soon.

So who will I root for? Not sure. If I root for the Phillies in a way I'm kind of dissing the Nationals. If I route for the Yankees then I'm dissing the National League of which the Nationals belong. Dilemma dilemma dilemma. Oh it would have been soooooooooo easy if one of those other play-off teams had won. Is it possible to watch (or keep track of the series) without really rooting for either team?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Self appointed posting quota.

Lets see it the middle of October and I only have 14 posts for 2009, well 15 now with this post. That is just a little over one post per month, my barely bare minimum. I like to at least keep with previous years so my goal is usually 32 posts per year minimum. That is the number of posts I had my first blogging year in 2006. I'm happy if I get just one post per month, meaning I am relatively happy with the bare minimum of 12 posts a year...almost. My goal of 32 is about an average of 2.6 posts per month. I guess part of my problem is I don't want to post just any old thing, and I don't want to post things that are too personal in a security conscious way.

I wonder if I will make my self appointed quota for this year?

Monday, October 19, 2009

A quick humorous thought - Flumo Wrestling.

I think it was on this past Saturday, while 'net surfin' I made a comment on a blog I was reading. The Google verification service that you have to log-into to post a comment usually gives some random letters that don't make up any real word. This time was not really different but what it did give was at least to me pretty funny.

It gave me: "Flumo" my first thought was what what a cool new Sport Flumo Wrestling. What exactly that is I don't know. The second meaning could simply be when the Muppet Elmo gets the flu. I hope it isn't anything nasty that would offend anybody in a different language, if so then my deepest sincerest apologies.

Finally while trying to find an appropriate picture of Elmo, I couldn't find what I was looking for but saw this:

Elmo in Lego

AH That might be it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trading Card Blog

Just a quickie. I started up another blog that has a trading card theme. I will try to keep it updated semi-regularly and may refer to it from time to time. Check it out. There should be a link to it over there on the right-side bar, you might have to view my full profile first. It is very simply called CaptKirk42's Trading Card Blog.

CaptKirk42's Trading Card Blog