Friday, July 25, 2008

Left Turns, Alternate Realities and Stuff

Last week I watched the Doctor Who episode Left Turn on Sci-Fi Channel. Without giving too much away and without giving a full blown review I will just say it was about alternate realities. The episode had sort of a Sliding Doors feel to it, taking a left turn instead of a right turn. See what happens when you do that? I really should get around to doing more reviewing here when I get the chance. I really haven't of late due to equal parts apartment hunting and sheer laziness. I have succeeded in both. I am super lazy and found an apartment.

This weeks episode of Doctor Who is part one of the season 4 finale. From what I've seen and heard it is a recent past companionsfest. As with many episodes of this latest incarnation of the good doctor I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. Looking forward to it because I'm a Whovian (or Wholigan) and dreading it because they are bound to have overdone something and not done enough of something else.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Books, Books, Books And More Books!

Recently I had been having problems with one of the book tracking sites I use, First I was having problems logging in, it turns out I was trying to use what I thought was my password except I had an extra character. UGH all these passwords for every single little website. Then their forums go down, well actually it has been taken down now due to problems with hackers and spammers. No problem I rarely use the forum anyway, but the list I tend to refer to now and then, although not very often.

Anyway I had intended to use as an alternate several months back, but haven't gotten around to populating it too much. There you can also track Movies, TV Shows, CDs and I think make lists of stuff. Then the realization that I didn't have a reliable back-up to my collection as listed on bibliophil sort of sucked. To complicate matters some (besides the fact that I don't have ALL my books listed on any site) the bibliophil site was down for at least a day, maybe it was down for longer, I'm not sure.

Well the time came to search for another reliable book tracking site (similar to my fave DVD site, and the long gone Multi-media site) I found an article or two and a blog post or three for possible sites and of course kept running into my longtime book site enemy but I don't like that site. The main reason I don't like it is, it is only free if you have less than 200 books to list. If you have more than 200 books you need to upgrade to a paid membership ($10 yearly or $20 Lifetime I think). I also kept running into some of these book community trading/book club sites that would be cool if I wanted to trade books around, but I'm a selfish bastard and want to keep my books. I suppose for some of my books I may sometime trade, give away or sell them, but I don't want that as my main focus.

Long story short I found a site that suits my needs and is similar in someways to, except it seems to be more reliable and probably gets updated faster. It is called and it seems to be pretty user friendly. The community aspect of it reminds me of the early days of when they had a forums/community section. You can explore the world of books, browse other members collections, contact them, make friends socialize or do whatever bookwise. I LIKE IT! I think I will still keep my bibliophil list active as long as they are still around, or I grow tired of them. LOL.

So in short some collecting sites.

BOOKS: - Very Good site for collectors. - OK site for collectors. - OK fair to midlin site. Seems to cater to those who want a community atmosphere. - OK book site for people with small collections or those who trade their books often.

CDS/Music: - OK site for tracking CD and Record collections. Mostly alternative and specialized genres, but good for overall. Sometimes the moderators are picky about what gets added or how to do it. - Barebones CD tracking site, not updated very often, needs major improvements and needs to become more user-friendly. - OK fair to midlin site.

DVDS: - Excellent collection tracking site for DVD collections. This is the creme of the crop in my opinion. The moderators have some strange attitudes, but then you don't have to visit the forums if you don't want. LOL! This site is my litmus/acid test for all other collection tracking sites. Very user friendly and the people there are very helpful. - OK fair to midlin site.
DVDAficionado - Was a decent DVD collection tracking site, but is slow to update. A fairly recent update to the site has made it super ridiculous. It isn't as user-friendly as it once was (it was never really great in that department). The front index page doesn't look like a site that would be for DVD collecting, I don't know what to expect from it. Well that is what happens to sites that are run by huge mega corporations. - Dead and Gone but not forgotten. This site was a great CD,DVD,Record,Video Game collection tracking site, it might have done comics too I forget.