Sunday, September 28, 2008

Primeval: A reason or two to watch it

Lately on Saturday evenings on BBC America (in the 9:00 hour when TORCHWOOD used to show) I've been watching PRIMEVAL which is similar in the fact that there is a temporal portal nearby. The big difference is the rift in Primeval is actually many portals and they appear and disappear randomly, where as Torchwood there is just one time rift and it isn't the only plot devise. The ads for Primeval describe it as TORCHWOOD meets JURASSIC PARK and they are sort of right. Anyway it is a show I really enjoy and will have to get the DVD of it soon. The region 1 version of Series 1 & 2 comes out soon.

After I started seeing promos for Primeval I felt I had to watch it. One of the many reasons to watch is Hannah Spearritt.

Well worth the admission price I'd say.

Oh and in case you weren't convinced that chasing dinosaurs and fictional predatory creatures from the future was worth watching the show. Early on they showed us this;

Sorry guys Hannah doesn't run around half naked every week. They haven't shown her like that much any more and BBC America is now into Season (Series as they say in the UK) 2. In the UK they are gearing up for Series 3, which means it will be next fall when we see it in the states I suppose. Meanwhile over at TORCHWOOD they have started filimg series 3 which BBC will start in the spring of 09 and I would guess BBC America would start a few weeks to about a month later.

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