Friday, November 30, 2012

Fryday Fourtoon Numba 16

"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble."

5 16 20 21 36 46
4 6 8
(yes this one only had the numbers not the titles telling what the numbers meant)

*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers just posted for entertainment purposes only.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fryday Fourtoon Numba 15

"In god we trust; all others must pay cash."
(yes they had "god" in lower case)

Daily Numbers 9 1 8
Lotto Six #'s 16 29 10 7 13 4

Sorry this one is a little late for lunch so it will have to be the Dinner Fortune.
*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers just posted for entertainment purposes only.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2012 Self Appointed Posting Quota

Attack of the Post-It! Notes!
(image  from I added the text.)

Way back a few years ago 2009 to be precise I posted about my self appointed posting quota for this blog. After my first year of blogging I decided that each year I would try to match the same number of posts which was 42, no not 42 it is 32. At the time of that post I only had 14 posts for 2009 and it was October I didn't think I would make the quota. Good thing I had a spurt of posts in November. It appears that my mini-reviews of the CSI series crossover event across all three shows helped some. The rest I think was the determination to succeed, which I apparently didn't have last year or the year before.

If you check on the right side-bar there and look at the blog archive you will see that for most years I matched or surpassed my 32 posts goal. 2010 and 2011 were down years, but I did post my bare bones very minimum of one post per month. I have been consistent with that since starting this blog back in February of 2006. I have not been that consistent with my other two blogs: Captkirk42's Trading Card Blog and Curly W Cards. I missed September for both of those blogs Curly W Cards I only started back in February so it isn't even a year old yet. Making the monthly one post quota is one of my things, even if I post at 11:59 PM on the 31st of a month (30th for those short months) I still try to make my quota. I think there may have been a time or two were I fidgeted things a little because technically I started on the last day of the month, but I finished posting whatever I was blogging on the first of the following month so I fudged the post time slightly. On my regular card blog I started a post in the last few minutes of September hoping that Blogger would time-stamp it for September, but it was posted as October **SIGH**. Hey I can claim I was on Pacific time. LOL.

This year I have 28 posts (29 as of this post) on the year so my goal of 32 posts is well within reach with a little more than a month to go. My Fryday Fourtoon posts help a bit when I remember to do them (or schedule enough of them in advance).

For those who are lazy and for myself to see it in a post in a neat row er column my yearly totals:

2006 - 32
2007 - 43
2008 - 36
2009 - 34
2010 - 18
2011 - 20
2012 - 29 (so far including this post)

Hmm that is only an average of 26 posts and some change. Need to improve that in the next few years hopefully. I need to at least have a yearly average of 32 posts. I could always be cheap and cheesy and post sexy pictures of celebs on a regular basis but the would make many new readers think my blog is sleazy. It would also attract more spam comments and I don't what that.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fryday Fourtoon Numba 14

"You are a bundle of energy, always on the go."

Daily Numbers 0 7 3
Lotto Six #'s 23 28 58 12 15 34

*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers just posted for entertainment purposes only.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Fryday Fourtoon Numba 13

"Friends long absent are coming back to you."

Daily Numbers 1 2 4
Lotto Six #'s 12 14 36 6 22 66

*Fortunes and Lottery Numbers just posted for entertainment purposes only.