Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Words of 2008!

OK so here we are at the very tail end of the year 2008. Two-Thousand and Eight Years since the last transition of how man keeps track of his own made concept Time. Well really something like 2053 years the calendar has been used (See Julian lendar). If your Jewish it's still 5769 So Party On! You've got plenty of the year left! This past year has been pretty good to me for the most part. I'll have some of the boring details on my website Nesredna's Knook on my Year In Review page(s) there. I should have it updated in a few days or so.


So Happy New Year all 4 or 5 (if that many) of you who read this silly Blog. I've been in shows with some of you, I've laughed with some of you, I may have cried with one or two of you, and one of you I might have... well never mind that I'll just edit this bit later. LOL!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Womanizer Baby?

OK so the latest Bright-knees Speared hit is called Womanizer. It is a pretty catchy tune, but I have noticed that it is a little contradictory or maybe ironic. Especially when she sings "Womanizer OH, You're a Womanizer Baby". Then again what do you expect from a Pop-Tart who is trying to make a comeback and become Madonna Jr. Did I just type that out loud in a blog? Silly me.

Have you seen the video for this song?

It starts off with Britney making breakfast (scantily clad in lingerie) for her "Womanizer Baby" and switches between that and her buck naked in a sauna. I would love to know how to make those square eggs she makes.

It then breezes through some scenarios of Britney in various roles in the day of the life of her Womanizing Man, her "Womanizer Baby". She goes from a sexually harassed co-worker to a redhot suductress waitress, to sexy pantsless chauffeur back to the quiet stay at home wiffie. Man how does she drive like that?

I'm not sure which character I like best the waitress or the co-worker? I'm leaning toward the co-worker because of her smooth moves. Then again it could just be the glasses and tight skirt.