Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some DVDs for September.

I decided to try something, dangerous I know. I've seen others do this but I decided I'd try it. I made a rough very rough video of me showing some recently bought DVDs. I'm not sure if I'll do this anymore or not. I'd like to if I can remember, but I really need to get my webcam skills down a bit better for showmanship. Anyway I made a video on on which I'm CaptKirk42. My other videos there are trading card related and have no audience, this type of thing has more audience for people who do YouTube, I'm not sure about UStream though, it was a bit popular with the trading card people.

The link to my video is here: DVD Update 25SEP10

The DVDs I barely mention are:
The Greatest American Hero Season One and Season Two (Target as a Two Pack)
Warehouse 13 Season One(Target)
Max Headroom Complete Series (Best Buy)
JAG Seasons 7, 8, 9 and 10 (Columbia House)
NCIS Season 7 (Columbia House)
NCIS:LA Season 1 (Columbia House)

The stuff from Target and Best Buy I got in August, the Columbia House ones are from September in the following story:

I told my tale of ordering through Columbia House. After I had placed my order they said that JAG Season 10 was out of stock and would be shipped separate, which it was and the other DVDs would ship in one huge box. Long story short a week after they ship the bulk of my order I get the individual box of JAG Season 10, and one of those "You've Got A Package" slip/card. So the next day I go to the post office slip in hand and get the rest of the order. Long story short I got the entire order the "same day" even though one was sent some two days later.