Monday, June 26, 2006

Feeling Old

The other day, well OK last night (Saturday 24 June 2006) I drove by my old High School, on my way to somewhere. I didn't plan on passing by it. It had been renovated about 10 years ago, this I knew, I had seen it (from the outside) since the renovations. A few years before that they had renovated/updated the theatre/auditorium which I still have to see. Oh but I digress, anyway I drove by the old alma mater, which now looks more like a prison than a school and saw the events sign in the front. You know the signs where you can change the letters, usually behind a clear case locked in a bricked mini-wall. Anyway the sign read:

OF 2010

So that means that the 2000 oughts are almost gone and giving way to the 2000 teens. Man I am so feeling old again.

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