Saturday, October 14, 2006

Get The Shooty Dog Thing!

Ah good old Doctor Who. The sci-fi channel has been showing the 2nd season of the new series of Doctor Who Starring David Tennant as The Doctor (Number 10). Back in the spring they had shown season one which starred Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor (Number 9). In some ways I like this newer version of the BBC Sci-Fi Series better than the original, but as with most things I still have slightly more affection for the original.

In the episode "School Reunion" The Doctor and his latest companion Rose Tyler, meet up with past companion Sarah Jane Smith, and a run-down K-9. There are a few references that newer fans who have never seen the original series would not understand completely. There were also a few real good laughs. For instance when Rose and Sarah Jane are bonding while talking about the eccentricities of the doctor, the get to laughing and when the doctor appears they completely lose it. Another real good laugh is when the baddie tells his underlings to attack K-9 he says "
Get the shooty Dog thing!" Fun Stuff.

The refereneces to when the Doctor dropped off Sarah Jane seems to ignore "The Five Doctors" episode from the original series. Oh well.

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