Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gotta Get Blogging More.

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Yeah, OK I've gotta get offa my tush and get blogging more often. It's Mid-April and I've only done 4 posts this year. Lets see, I average about 37 posts a year, which is only about 3 posts a month. Hmmm not bad, but not good as far as the blogging world is concerned. I guess it's all that time I spend on Facebook and Twitter. One thing about Twitter that I don't like is when you follow someone (or a group) you get ALL their updates whenever they update, so for twits that Twit (or is it Tweet?) constantly your homepage is filled updates from that one group. You can't follow someone and only occasionally check their updates. OH Well.

Anyway I have two books that I need to review here, and add to my A Recent Read listing. I also need to update and fix somethings on my website For that I was going to try learning about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and started doing that, because that is how most websites now-a-days are coded. My big problem with it though is I want a link list on a side bar like my site has so I don't have to always update a million pages when I want to add or delete a link. So far I'm confused as to how to get that actually done, because when I experiment with it the ways people have mentioned how to do it don't seem to work. So I will probably have to continue to do things the very long old-school HTML way.

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