Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Almost like 2005 all over again!

The Washington Nationals finished the 2011 MLB season in a pretty good state. Since moving to DC and becoming the Nationals the Ex-Montreal Expos have never had a winning season. In their inaugural season of 2005 the team was at an even .500 with 81 wins 81 losses. The franchise's last winning season was 2003 when they went 83-79 and were in 4th place in their division. The year before 2002 they had the same winning record 83-79 but landed second place. You have to go back to 1969 with the Washington Senators (the franchise that would become the Texas Rangers in 1972) to have a winning season in Washington Baseball they went 86-76 finishing in 4th place.

Since being in DC the team has usually finished in last place (5th in the NL East) well 2011 the Nats had their second best season of 80-81 just one game under .500. They had a rained out home game with the Los Angeles Dodgers so they could have been 81-81 the way they had been going this season, or they could have been 80-82 two games under .500. Oh and they finished 2011 in 3rd place just 3 games over the NY Mets and 8 over the Florida Marlins (who will be the Miami Marlins next season, actually their name will change this November 11). They were .500 in the division at 36-36 and had a winning Home record with 44-36

So 2012 should be a pretty good season for the Nats. Watch out National League East the Nats are beginning to be contenders and not pretenders.

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