Thursday, March 01, 2012

DVD Update: Leap February 2012


NO new DVDs this month. Also I didn't watch any. At the beginning of the month I didn't watch anything because I watched other stuff or didn't watch at all, then when I wanted to watch something... First the DVD rental from Netflix I wanted to watch didn't work in my regular player, but it seems to work in the computer DVD drive. Then I discovered that my regular player just doesn't want to function properly at all. The red stand-by light stays on, none of the buttons work on the remote or the machine, yet sometimes my TV screen shows the start-up splash screen for the player. Sometimes the red light turns to orange but not green UGH. Sigh it needs repair or replacing. I have another player that isn't hooked up that I haven't used in almost 4 years since I've been in my apartment. The reason is the little player I had been using was a brand that could be made region free (I temporarily forget what they call that DVD tricking) the one that is not hooked up doesn't do that trick.

Maybe it is time to get a new player that can be wired to be region free.

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