Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OH Poo!


I just now noticed that I had repeated a "Fryday Fourtoon" the exact same one complete with the same lottery numbers, when I did numba eight. I hadn't planned on posting any repeats at least not so early and not with the same lottery numbers if at all. I have gotten repeats of fortunes every once in a while, and there was even one time I got 3 copies of the same fortune in the same cookie and all three strips of paper had the same numbers on the back. That fortune will appear sometime later I'm not sure exactly when. I am trying to keep things random. I also missed this past Friday because I didn't have any ready in my posting queue (I also missed a post for my trading card blog for my Mascot Monday feature).

I wonder what other boneheaded things I've done with this blog.

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