Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Getting a little bit of a handle on it

Finally I am sort of disciplining myself to blog some more. I am getting many of my "planned" ideas onto paper, or rather onto the computer screen. At least for my other two blogs as of late: CaptKirk42's Trading Card Blog and Curly W Cards. Here on this blog it is a little different matter but I am making some progress.

My posting queue for my regular trading card blog is filling up quite nicely. I have one post per day for the next few days more or less. Now I have to get off my duff and get some of my post drafts in here finished and put in the queue here.

My minimum post quota has been reached as I knew it would be about a week or two ago. Earlier this year I wasn't too sure about that.

Hmmm found this blog with this cartoon:
Yep that is me, except my 'puter is a laptop, but still the idea is there.

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