Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013


Another year has come and gone. This one like the last few has flown by quickly too quickly. One of the things I used to do at years end was to post a "Year In Review"over at my personal website Nesredna's Knook, but I decided not to continue with that tradition. I used to update them pretty frequently and try to keep up with it month-to-month, but this past year I hardly did anything with it. So my personal tradition of that will go away after 13 years. Maybe I'll change my mind sometime during this year of twenty-thirteen but I doubt it. I don't update my website as much as I used to partly due to the easier format of blogging. It is 100 times easier just to blog to get personal things up on the web than it is to write/code HTML. I have to make sure I have copies of all my stuff that is on my website especially the graphics. I have copies of each html page and some of the graphics, but I want to be sure I have that stuff saved somewhere else in case I ditch my website completely. I'm pretty sure I've got most of it, but there are a few things I think over the years I got rid of my backup copy thinking I didn't need it because the website was solid, and I didn't want my hard drive cluttered or have a floppy disc lost somewhere. Now its a case of having an appropriate storage device that is not obsolete. Not maintaining a website will save me some money in the long run because I have to renew the domain name every year, or every other year as well as the monthly payments to the web hosting service I use. Also my website has become more of just a small data storage place. A temporary one because as soon as I stop making payments to the site, or when I pass from this Earth all that data will go away. Nice thoughts right?

Lets see what is my post total for the Year of 2012?

January: 3
February: 4
March: 7
April: 1
May: 1
June: 1
July: 3
August: 1
September: 1*
October: 4
November: 5
December: 7


*For my other blogs Captkirk42s Trading Card Blog and Curly W Cards I didn't blog in September although for one of them I tried on the final evening of September to post something and I started it in September but by the time I finished the post it was October and the time stamp didn't play that "using California time" thing like it sometimes does. I need to improve on making posts for ALL my blogs.

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