Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Stand Corrected: Turk IS a Name

I have mentioned on this blog some of my adventures of people misspelling my name. I mentioned that I have on occasion had people call me "Turk" and I always thought it was a Non-Name. Well it turns out it is a real name (0r nickname at the very least). It is the name of a baseball player in the 1960s, at least one player. Seems there was a ball player named: Turk Farrell (Real name Richard Joseph Farrell) among a few other "Turks": Turk Lown (Omar Joseph Lown), Turk Wendell (Steven John Wendell). Hmm maybe it is just a nickname. However, it is also a last name for a few players too many to mention here. I stand corrected.

I discovered this fact when I got the Turk Farrell baseball card to help complete my 1965 Topps Baseball Card collection. I am trying to complete the set before the 50th Anniversary of the set and specifically before my birthday in April.

So although Turk really is a name it is NOT MY NAME. Neither is "irk" or "erk" or "urk"

The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name".

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