Saturday, July 19, 2014

NCIS: New Orleans: I Am So Psyched!

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The latest show in the NCIS Franchise (Technically the JAG Franchise) NCIS: New Orleans kicks off this fall on Tuesday 23 Sept 2014 CBS 9:00 PM ET. The show will take the slot following the current mother show NCIS, which means that sister show NCIS: Los Angeles moves to Monday nights. I hope it does well. I plan on watching it and hoping it has a long run, even though I was not real big on the idea of having a third NCIS show when the other two were still super hot.

So far there have been some on-air promos telling that the show is coming. Images in the promo appear to only be stuff from the backdoor pilot that aired during season 11 of NCIS in the two episode Crescent City story (pt1, pt2)

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