Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wish This Was Still Around

Hmm I thought I had blogged about this a few years back, guess I didn't. Anyway in the late 1990s maybe early 2000s Dr. Pepper came out with some wacky new flavors, Cherry Vanilla, Berrys & Cream, plus something called Red Fusion. It was colored red and had a sharp cherry flavor like a Cherry Smash. It was good. I wish they still made it, but I don't think they do.

I forget how widespread it was distributed. I know it was distributed in the 20oz. plastic bottles and probably cans. I noticed online it was in cans and also 2liter bottles in addition to the 20oz bottle.

I recall one time when I purchased a bottle or two of the Red Fusion, I got a bum plastic cap that would not come off in the normal way. I think I eventually had to cut the seal carefully with an exacto knife to separate the cap from the sealing ring. I eventually got the thing opened. This happened to me a couple of times and over the years it still happens on occasion usually on Dr. Pepper products. The second time it happened to me on a Red Fusion I wrote (or did I email?) a message to the Dr. Pepper folks about the problem and in return they sent me two coupons for one Free 20oz. bottle of Red Fusion that I never got around to using. Now the coupons are a pretty neat nostalgic collectible for me.

As you can see the coupons expired at the end of 2003. Got to remember to bring them along the next time I go time-traveling to that past.

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