Wednesday, January 13, 2016

An Update of Sorts

A Book Update and Maybe More
(or Less)

I have been doing a little house cleaning here on this blog by updating somethings that were severely outdated. One of those was my reading list static page. I only had a link to my Goodreads booklist. I have beefed it up some with recent reads from the last few years. I still have more to go and since my online list says I have 472 books read and I know there are more books I have read that I haven't even logged in on the list. Many of those I have to make sure the correct edition is logged in. If I keep up with it eventually due to character limitations for pages (something like 1MB of data) whenever I reach that limit I will have to break the page up some. I know one thing would be to break off the Series that I have listed onto a series page, or if the series is big enough break off it's own page. Sort of what I have done with Charmed already but for now I have decided to keep the Charmed books on the overall list as well. For some I might just have an ongoing post rather than a static page devoted.

If I have reviewed a book I have linked to my review as posted on this blog, or wherever else whenever. For now I have the list alphabetical by author's last name (but shown first name first). After I have added to my satisfaction, or patience I might tweak the page to make things easier to read, like switching to showing last name first. Maybe I should do that anyway. Hmm.

It has also been a while (try years not just months) since I've posted a review, let alone actually written one. I've been planning on correcting that. 

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