Thursday, June 08, 2017

Blog Update: Getting A Bit Drafty

I have noticed that in all of my trio of blogs I have a number of backed up unposted drafts. Currently this blog has 7 posts in the queue (8 including this post at the time of drafting this post) and my two card blogs have 10 or 11 posts in the queue. It has been worse at times with 14 or 15 per  blog. Some of the posts are awaiting scans or photos to be attached, others need the actual idea of the post in text form. Some the story needs to be finished. Yet others I scratch my head at sometimes wondering when I'll get around to doing whatever it is that I had planned on doing for that post. Sometimes even figuring out what I was trying to say in the first place is the mystery. Some of those really oddball ones end up getting deleted. Ditto for ones whose relevance has long expired.

When I first discovered the draft post queue I used it pretty much as it was intended as a holding area for completed posts you don't want to post quite yet or posts that nearly done. I still use it in that way, but I tend to take to long to getting back to posts started back whenever. I am tired of seeing some of those posts that have been in the queue for a year or more. I need to stop procrastinating and finish the dang things. I am an unpaid professional first class procrastinator.

For older posts it often includes a major editing overhaul. Making sure that time references are updated, or sometimes eliminated completely.

For this blog there are a couple of book reviews. One I just need to find an appropriate quote and the other I need to scan the cover, and find a quote. I also have a DVD review from a movie viewing from a few years ago. If it wasn't a review I might consider it one of those long overdue expired reference things.

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