Saturday, November 14, 2020

Ebay Reselling Update: October 2020 Sales

EBAY Reselling Update:
October 2020 Sales

Lets see in my last Sales update I had 5 sales and 27 listings in the store. 

So What Sold in Oct 2020?
  1. Exilie's Quest by Richard Meade 1970 paperback $5.99 plus Shipping
With that sale the listing count is now down one to 26 listings. I had another pack of the 1991 Bowman Hockey cards I have listed so I added that to the count for that listing. I wasn't sure if I had another one or not, but checked my little box that I have some packs of cards in and there was one. That brings the "item" count up but not the "listing" count. The count is now 26 listings with 36 items quantity.

In November I have one sale so there will be a November sales update after December first. Plus at the end of the year I will have my annual New Years post (which doesn't really change too much) and then in early January on the first or second I will have my annual "State of The Blog" update on the past year's posts. Fun fun fun.

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