Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Midnight Crisis?

Sometimes I think I'm going through a Midnight Crisis, er Midwife Crisis (Yeah right), that is Mid-Life Crisis. Problem is I don't see the crisis part, guess it ain't really there. Or is it? Let's not think about that part.

Oh man, this afternoon at work I came up with some rhymes that would probably make a great Rap/Hip-Hop song, and make Millions of $$$$, but I can't remember what they were, 'skuze me what Dey Wuz. It might have been something related to makin' copies, because that was what I was doing at the time. Hmm like that character that Rob Schneider played on Saturday Night Live "The Bradster is makin' copies, Bradarolla, The Bradinator, BradenjenthenBradenangelina, Mr. Pitt Makin' Copies" The first time or two I saw that character I hated it, I thought it sucked, but after seeing it a few more times and getting used to it, I grew to like those sketches. That is one of the problems of being a fan of the Original SNL many of the more recent returning characters are stupid. Then they get so stupid you start liking them not because they are funny but because they are stupid. Then there are the characters that just suck. Not to mention the sketches that start off as a sort of funny situation for the first 10 seconds and they don't know how to end the scene and it goes on for 20 plus minutes. I guess that is why it is called Sophomore humor, you have to be a sophomore to enjoy it, then you outgrow it at somepoint, or not.

Speaking of bad. I once saw a production of one of my favorite shows that was difficult to watch. Make that two productions of two of my favorite shows. For this second one in particular the direction sucked. Sometimes it was difficult to figure out what was going on, and I have seen the show a few times before and know the story (which is a well known story and show) The cast was a mix of talented and not-even-close-to talented people. The set was minimal, the show doesn't have to have a big set, but some productions of it have gone all-out for the set and costumes. Oh the costumes, well they didn't really help too much and also since it was modern attire, the costumes didn't help set the mood, or the scene. In some cases the costumes didn't even tell what the characters were, but for most of the important characters there was a little of something. What it was I don't know. It was a disappiontment, I still kind of enjoyed the show a little I guess. OH and one of the lead characters they cross-gender cast, meaning they cast a woman in a role written for a man. It confused things but wasn't as annoying as the Where are they going? blocking. If this had been the first time I had seen the show, I wouldn't have known what was going on in some scenes, and it wouldn't be anywhere near my favorite shows.

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