Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spreading Rumors Via The Internet.

OH boy. As if spreading a rumor wasn't enough. Some people need to use the internet to do it. About a week ago or so I saw a post on a chat board from someone suggesting a way to have fun on the internet, by going to a board on a specific subject and posting an untrue but believable rumor on that topic. Ugh. I'm not sure but I think the person who posted that was a teenager or a younger child, double ugh. OK telling rumors to your friends may be fun, but posting one on the internet where the potiential audience is in the Millions? No wonder people believe some of the strangest things, they are believing everything they read on the internet.

That is why there are sites like: to let people know when a widely spread tale is true or not. Of course there are a few were part of the tale is true, but not the part that people remember. People have a tendancy to remember the first few facts of a topic that they hear. For example some people still believe some of the specualtions and first few attempts at explainations of the events of September 11, 2001. They just remember the first few things they heard, they don't remember the later reports that explained why the first reports were not true. In all the chaos of the events, people were believing whatever they heard. In and around DC there were frantic reports at first that the Capitol had been hit, because people had heard the Pentagon crash or saw the plane flying low and had heard about the events in New York just before. Some people still believe that a quatraine of Nostrodomas predicted the terror attacks of September 11.

What are we to believe? As they said on The X-Files "The Truth is out there."

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