Friday, December 15, 2006

Screwy Spam Time

OK, so many of you out there may have noticed a time or two when a spam email is dated about a week ago, or maybe even dated as far as a month from know for some reason. Well this week, actually today (15 Dec 2006) and yesterday (14 Dec 2006) I've seen some spam emails in my Yahoo email dated for Nov 09, 1905 and also on the other end of the spectrum Jan 01, 2038. HUH? How the heck are the spammers doing stuff like that? Sending something pre-dated for thirty years from now or something super post-dated from One Hundred And One Years ago BEFORE COMPUTERS WERE EVEN INVENTED!!!! I never would have noticed except for the fact that every once in a while I check my spam email/trash box instead of my usual automatic deleting without seeing what the heck they are. Also one of the "1905" emails was send to my regular email so in order to even see where the silly spam email was I had to mark my "unread messages only" button to find the stupid thing. UGH!

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