Friday, January 26, 2007

Photos in buckets and stuff

Blog it, blog it, blog it,
Write it up and blog it,

OK so I have officially joined the ranks of the photobucket society. Mostly for my Ebay selling endevers. I used to use Sparedollar, because the first month was free and then, at the time I signed up, it was only $4 per month. Then they raised the price to $5 a month and eventually $8, then they were bought out by InkFrog and now that costs $9 per month for 300MBs of image hosting. Photobucket right now is FREE with 1GB of image hosting. To save money I will drop the InkFrog soon. Heck I saved money this month anyway by letting my Netflix accout cancel out since my credit card went BOOM! and it will be sometime before I can get it back down, unless I can get a huge loan soon.

At work we are almost done with our archiving of documents so we will soon have to move on to other stuff. At least that is what our nice office manager says. That means when people ask me what I do at work, I won't know what to say. D'oh! I wasn't going to mention work here much if at all.

Wind it UP!

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